Montreal Fan Support

After 4 home games the "Als" are averaging under 22,000 a game. Is this a concern for the league?


With attendance so low, I think it's clear that the Als are going to fold after this season, and we'll be back to 7 teams until Ottawa returns.

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Ill take 22,000 paying high priced tickets, then in the 80's when there were around 5,000 fans at the old Olympic O. Still remember in the mid to late 80's a large public opinion thought the CFL was going to die.

The test will be when the Als suffer a few losing seasons. if the fans abandon ship? They can't sellout now with a solid team and have been solid for a long time.

Pointless to compare raw attendance numbers without factoring in ticket prices. But people love to dogpile Montreal football fans, I guess.

Nobody's dog piling, fact is ,MTL is not selling out a small stadium and you have lost 2 franchises in the past, fair questions.
I realize ownership was a issue in losing past franchises but so was fan support. I thnk anything over 20 000 , paid attendance in MTL, should work. At the current ticket prices.

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merely out of curiosity, what has the attendance been at the other 7 CFL cities and in comparison to last year's figures after 4 home games?

I read somewhere (and I can't remember where) that attendance was up about 4% from this time last year. But as we all know, attendance numbers are a little unreliable. The announced attendance is not usually the same as actual butts in seats.

As far as Montreal's attendance is concerned, they're getting 22,000 fans in a stadium that holds 25,000 people. The Als do not have an attendance problem.