Montreal Ex Game

....yup..... :wink:

Gotta like the fake punt call.

....didn't work...but what the hey...lots of fun....and when did we see the last one of those by the BigBlue... :lol:

People who think my Als have no QB depth behind Calvillo are in for a surprise. Macpherson, Leak, and Santos are all quality players and Macpherson has done nothing but impress in preseason action.

Some communication glitches between LeFors and his receivers early on -- to be expected, nothing alarming. He's a talented QB and his receiving core is very, very strong. I'm sure the Bombers' O will be fine.

Macpherson is a keeper.


.....I would have to say the opposite for the Bombers......qbs. are questionable....but the rest of the team is strong....might have to carry one of these guys all year....BUT's still pre-season and i don't think the real guys have stood-up yet... :wink:
Edmonton next week will give us a better picture...

Yeah, hard to gauge in preseason, but we'll see. LeFors should be the guy, though, if he can stay healthy and concussion-free...

looks like the future of the als to me!