Montreal Ex Game

According to Penton, the following players will not be going to Montreal. Some interesting names like Reid & Smith who have yet to see any preseason action.

CB James Johnson
LB Siddeeq Shabazz
RB Fred Reid
RB Joe Smith
DE Fred Perry
LB Pierre-Luc Labbe
OL Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge
OL Thaddeus Coleman
DE Chase Ortiz
OL Matt O'Meara
SB Brock Ralph
DT Doug Brown

Reid and Smith should be a little concerned, I would think. The two young guys are good. Bernard ran over Simpson sooo many times in practice...Giles is super fast...I'm glad I don't have to decide which of the four to keep...

Depth Chart for tonight.

Rial Johnson @ LB, very interesting if Logan blows at safety.

Are there any issues with Fred Perry?

anyone know if there will be a webcast of the game tonight? or will it just have to be cjob.

....TSN. ..has exercised its rights as 'THE' broadcaster of the CFL.....and will not allow on-line streaming of the game by the free press....They don't want to televise pre-season tilts....and at the same time do not want anyone else beating their nobody can video it....TSN . would rather have 'tiddly-wink' tennis matches on instead???? :lol: :lol: Oh well the reg. season and professionally televised games are just around the cornor... :wink:

Early second quarter...........Montreal 17, Winnipeg 3...........Calvillo is 4 for 5 for 60 yards, 1 TD.

LeFors is 4 for 10 for 65 yards, one interception (returned 80 yards for TD).

.....Ramonce Taylor ?????? missing in action....I never liked this cut....and now we are scambling to find a punt-return guy....????those are the things that bite you in the bum....I'm sure Kelly had a good reason to dump him....but ...houston ...we have a void....get on the speed dial....Serna is becoming the field goal kicker that we thought he could be...How do you like Giles MadJack :lol: :lol:

Man, AC lit us up, lefors isnt looking to impressive

I was interested to see our new secondary up against a good offence, but AC wins that one hands down... not looking so good anymore

Giles looks like a keeper to me, papa.

LeFors now 7 for 17...........ugly. It might get better but now Als' starters are starting to leave the game.

yeah, Lefors seems to be struggling quite a bit

....don't like getting deep into opposition territory and coming away with field-goals....reg. season could make a dif. :roll:

7/19 now, with one pick, seems to be having a few miscommunications with recievers....

example: reciever runs an in, and lefors throws an out... also sounds like Lefors is not quite used to his recievers and their speed/verticles yet

I think once they get the timing down and recievers start running the right routes, Lefors will do just fine

Lefors is being hung out to dry by his receivers, too many wrong routes and drops, his numbers should be a lot better.

Bombers 267 yards offense to the Als 137 yards

Over all, I think we have to be pretty happy with this half. According to a certain Montreal fan we should have been down by 40 by now......
Besides that INT thrown by LeFors (which brought back memories of Glenn and Jones), we have been very competitive.
So far Banks hasn't done much, lets see what their other guy can do. With AC getting up there, Mont needs to find someone who can play.

AC lit us up, and continues to prove he can play and his age is not an issue...

If AC stayed in there the score would be a little bit worse than that in my opinion

A couple Positives from the starters on starters though, Offensive line sounded great against a strong front four in both pass protection and the run game.

Lefors was apparently in control the whole half, could really improve once he gets the timing down and he and his recievers get on the same page regarding the plays....

Run Game looks like it will be solid, and the starting defense should be real strong this season IMO.

Run Game and Defense should be able to keep us in games untill the passing game sorts itself out.

…IF the Als. don’t have A.C…they would be in BIG trouble…you can’t deny his experience and talent …even at the age of 63… :lol:

I disagree. Sure he did good for a quater, but I wouldn't say he lit us up. Will he have another great year this year? I don't think so. I have a feeling he goes back to the production of 2 years ago. Also with age, he will be more succeptable to injury. This is the CFL, the need for a quality back up is huge - All I am asking is if Montreal has it?

lol, sounds like those dline just played themselves off the team, four big runs in a row by the Als back ups.