Montreal @ Eskiemoes!

Okay does the little fairy lose his job!

hehe ! Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the yellow brick road!

Not if EDMONTON wins. All this coach did last year was win the GREY CUP.

What does the straw man and Danny Macccooche have in common?

What if Edmonton loses? I heard he borrowed cleats from Troy Davis to assist in his escape...

hmmm not the strawman…

[url=] ... 4-main.jpg[/url]

Well the answer is a Brain! They are trying to find one! :lol:

Being from Montreal wouldn't that make him the fairy of the East?

Pretty close but not plump enough!

This is great, Friday night Football n all...
Better yet, clash of the Titans is up next..
Can't wait..Go Esks..Go...Knock Anthony into never never land

Ball control offense,interesting...

chocked in the red zone AGGGGain!


and we punt and we punt, we punt

EDMONTON is still winning.


OOPS 4 -3 Montreal! Wow exciting! I think I will email Rickynotrickyray and tell some jokes!

A NFL game is breaking out! :lol:

3 missed F.G.s :thdn:

lol... 4-3 at the half?... I feel like I'm watching the Canadiens face off with the Oilers...

:lol: :lol: :lol: