Montréal @ Edmonton

Bien que je n'entretienne pas beaucoup d'espoir de victoire lors du prochain périple alberain des Alouettes, je suis curieux de voir comment ils vont se débrouiller face à la meilleure défensive de la LCF.

Ils ont joué avec beaucoup plus de cohésion contre les Argonauts, aussi s'ils peuvent encore progresser offensivement contre les Eskimos, on pourra regarder les choses sous un nouvel angle pour la suite. C'est certain que Jones ne commettra pas la même gaffe que Creehan, mais le moindrement que sa protection est correcte, Glenn pourrait aussi attaquer les blitz avec des passes-pièges. J'aimerais voir ces jeux où le demi défensif sort de sa protection et devient un receveur supplémentaire, comme on voyait Calvillo si bien les réussir avec Whitaker. Je crois que Rutley peut très bien servir l'attaque dans ce genre de jeux.

Je ne sais pas si les Eskimos vont mettre Grigsby sur le terrain dès cette semaine, mais ce gars-là joue ses meilleures parties quand il a quelque chose à prouver à sa nouvelle équipe. C'est par la suite que son étoile pâlit. Il a fait très mal aux Alouettes l'an dernier et je me demande jusqu'à quel point ceci n'a pas motivé Jones et Hervey pour aller le chercher. En passant, vous le savez sans doute déjà, mais il n'y aura pas de réunion des frères Muamba l'an prochain. Cauchy vient de prolonger son contrat.

Si les Alouettes veulent gagner cette partie, il faudra sans doute que le jeu au sol foncionne mieux que ces dernières parties. S'il y a eu une certaine efficacité dans la dernière partie, celle-ci était plutôt anémique dans les parties précédentes. Il n'est pas facile de courir contre les Eskimos, mais c'est quelque chose de possible dans un match serré. Le contrôle du cadran sera crucial, aussi ce volet de l'arsenal des Alouettes ne sera pas à négliger.

When I watch Edmonton I can`t get over how Reilly keeps throwing to Bowman. They of course have other receivers particularly Derel Walker, but the Belichick philosophy would be to blanket Bowman and let them try to beat us with something else.

Walker has been catching a half a dozen a game and everyone else is chipping in. The key is not letting Reilly move up the pocket. Their oline loves to push outwards to give Reilly the option to run, you have to keep someone on him till he throws the ball. Last two games he converted on second down at least a half dozen times running the ball. He's thrown six interceptions in the last 3 games. To have any chance the Als will have to be disciplined and take the ball away. They are bringing Grigby in as well. If the defense can cause turnovers they have a small chance.

I was impressed in the last game by the play of Boulay. It seemed to me that number 52 was right in the action for the entire game. Boulay has shown such improvement that I wonder if he should play in the upcoming game in place of Kyries Hebert. I like the offense best when both Sutton and Rutley play. Sutton carried the ball well against the Argos,. He seems stronger than Rutley but, I believe Rutley is a big play back. While Sutton has decent speed, Rutley is quick- he both receives and runs well and can turn both with high yardage play. I perceive Rutley as the player who can most often breakout with a huge reception/run. These two backs compliment each other so very well. Rutley first came to my notice when we beat BC in our final playoff game-with out offensive scoring 50 points.
Glen certainly proved last week that our QB is out greatest offensive requirement. Glen certainly proved this against the Argos. He demonstrated all the skills that none of our existing QBs could match. Glen has to be with the team next season, along with perhaps Bridge, LeFevour, Cato and perhaps one or two others. Just add to this an offensive minded new coach and, a few fast rookies and, we'll be in the mix. AS for the ESKS this weekend, I hope Thorpe will create a system to defend a likely Grey Cup contender.

Do or die Sunday. Edmonton has won seven in a row and will need to throw the ball and they will, Als will need a monster game from their defense and ST.

Win and the Als can make a run and come back in the WSF feeling pretty confident. Lose and the Als disappear from the Montreal sports scene till June and Management can start working on 2016.

This season is really coming down to the wire for both the Als and the Lions. Makes for exciting CFL football. Even a tie in Edmonton keeps the Als’ playoff hopes alive. Edmonton very much wants first place in the West so they will be gunning to beat the Als and not settle for a tie.

Calgary knows that if Edmonton loses against the Als then Calgary can still take 1st in the West. An Edmonton win would mean that the Calgary/Lions’ final game would not mean a whole lot for Calgary. Would Calgary still bring its A game when they face the Lions? This bodes well for the Lions who know if they beat Calgary then Montreal is eliminated even if the Als beat Edmonton.

Not to take anything away from SSK but their record speaks for itself.

Bottom line? A win for Montreal, a win for Calgary and my goodness what drama we can expect in the final week of the regular season! First place in the West will still be up for grabs! Montreal could still cross over! The Lions could still salvage a not so stellar season. Edmonton could end up facing the Lions or the Als in the Western semi-final or enjoy a nice 3 week layoff. I love the CFL!

Sure, it would be intriguing for the final week of the season if the Als win on Sunday. Does not seem likely though, but of course you never know.

IF the Als can pull out a victory in Edm, I really think the Stamps will handle the Lions next week. Again IF

The Als need to run the ball big time today, like Schonert had them do in the second game against Hamilton. Not only will this keep Edmonton's O on the bench, but it will help Glenn be less predictable and possibly stretch the field. So I'm hoping both Rutley and Sutton are dressed. If Glenn has a good day, if the D plays like it can and ST are just OK, Als can win, which would make for an interesting final week in the regular CFL season.

Love the exitement too, 18 games and Last week of the season to decide alot of things... let's keep our finger crossed.

Calling for cold, wet and 30 percent chance of flurries starting this morning. I think bad weather might help the Als a bit. Also the more exchanges between Bede and Whyte the better.

BREAKING news. For medical reasons, Popp won't be in Edmonton. Thorpe will be the head coach for the game! Hopefully Thorpe coaches a great game, and gives Wetenhal a few things to think about...

Have all our defenders forgotten how to wrap up a tackle ?

...Stamps has not forgotten how to score.

Glenn, Rutley and Sutton are putting on a show! :rockin:

Sure, Parker gets called for a face mask. What about the one on Glenn? :thdn:

Away from my computer, and generally from the game, for the first half I logged on wondering how many GAME posts I would have to read. I optimistically expected 6; I lose.

Heard bits and pieces and saw fewer bits and pieces.

Saw Thorpe's PI challenge, thought it was a weak choice.


This is one of scariest injuries in some time.

RDS guys said they have not seen him move anything.

Think we can guess who has stayed late practicing with Glenn. :lol:

RDS reporting that Klaassen able to move his extremities

On the screen pass to Beaulieu second Esk went crown of helmet to facemark ... no flag