Montreal @ Edmonton

Well, we aren't playing Calgary, so we should have a chance of winning. :lol:

Nice. Reilly's finally back.

...oilers lead the canadiens, 2-0

That was one of the lamest roughing the passer penalties of the season. :roll: I thought this was football. Pathetic!

...he did slam Reilly pretty good into the ground...questionable though...I agree with the criticism that WTF was he thinking going head first into a rush that was going to end up at least 3 yards short...

This is getting ridiculous. There was no offside on Montreal. Now another turnover. This is not football. Not sure what it is, but this is certainly not football. Pre-season games are better than this.

...this is chrisjonesgetsangryball

Looks like another classic "defensive showcase". :lol:

LOL @ Climie calling out the low scoring games.

me thinks ed needs new OC

I've been saying that for a few weeks now.

Battle of the FGs. :thup:

Who told Montreal they were allowed to score a TD? Field goals only, gentlemen.

I don't wanna jinx it, but I think we might actually have a football game here.

Nichols is a good QB, but Edmonton is a much better team with Reilly for two reasons. His running ability and his no-quit attitude. How many QBs would go get a block for their RB?

Reilly’s thumb looked pretty good to me. No question, the Eskies are indeed a better team with him at the helm. They ran away with it in the 2nd half.

[i]They ran away with it in the 4th quarter, not the whole half. The Als were playing a night game on 5 days rest, in a different time zone! The game ended past midnight Montreal time. Maybe we should schedule games against the west at 10 am Montreal time :roll:

Good call by the refs on Hebert's horse collar tackle... NOT :x

Good non call on the refs for Odell Willis spearing Crompton in the chest with his helmet... NOT :x

Yup, refs had their heads up their ***** tonight. Yup, Johnny is blaming the refs and the schedule. DEAL with it!

Wine much :cry: :cry:

Like to comment on Johnny's complaints, but I can't because I don't remember those plays. I'm guessing it because they happened after I feel asleep early in the third quarter. I'm so tired of sitting through 3 quarters of the most boring football imaginable to get to the one quarter the two teams decide to show up for. Worst CFL season I can remember and we are too far into it to expect it to improve.

Drat I missed that! What did he say?