Montréal @ Edmonton

Après un après-midi difficile dimanche passé, Jonathan Crompton va affronter son ancienne équipe après seulement 4 jours de repos et préparation. Un petit décalage horaire de 2 heure pour ajouter au plaisir.

Ce sera un premier vrai test pour lui aux commandes des Alouettes. Les Eskimos ont une des meilleures défensives de la ligue et il ne pourra espérer profiter d'une collection de punitions pour poursuivre ses séquences offensives.

Les Alouettes devront faire beaucoup d'efforts, faire preuve de beaucoup de discipline et trouver une façon de clore rapidement les séquences offensives des Eskimos, car leur attaque est maintenant assez bien rodée. Ils viennent de perdre deux parties de suite contre les Stampeders, et ça devrait les motiver en masse pour passer le KO aux Alouettes.

Ce que je souhaite dans cette partie, c'est que les Alouettes jouent à leur pleine mesure pendant 60 minutes. Ils ont fait un bel effort collectif en 2ième demie dimanche dernier, et il en faudra pas moins pour esprérer demeurer dans la partie contre Edmonton. Comme le souligne régulièrement D & P, il va falloir que la défensive soit aussi bonne en 2ième et long qu'elle l'est en 1er et 10. Les Eskimos ne sont pas une équipe contre qui on peut se permettre le luxe de rester longtemps sur le terrain. Également, j'aimerais voir de la constance à l'attaque, que les séquences soient soutenues et qu'on mette des points au tableau dans la majorité des possessions.

Cela dit, notre équipe en reconstruction affronte une équipe reconstruite. Mais nous avons la chance d'avoir un quart qui a dû apprendre le livre de jeux des Eskimos avant d'arriver à Montréal. Espérons que ça pourra aider à la préparation de l'équipe.

I think there is less pressure. Its a road game so its a would be great to win but its not a "must win".

Edmonton's defense while better against the pass than Hamilton is not as strong against the run. This is a game where Dinwiddie must have a strong strategy on the ground and stick to it, obviously it would help if the Als don't fall too far behind early.

Win or lose. I just hope they play well in all 3 phases.

I would be shocked if we won this game. Edmonton destroyed us in our own ballpark last time out and I don't see much changing, especially with Crompton missing practice time for very understandable personal reasons. The keys to me are Dinwiddie sticking with the run and Thorpe keeping us in the game.

Nichols instead of Reilly is a big change, changes "contain" dynamics plenty.
James Rodgers is a change. The man is very dangerous every time he touches the ball.
Two Back sets are also a change.

The Als are nowhere near the same team as the last time they faced each other.

Ce sont de bons points. Reilly est encore blessé? Ça ajouterait du piment dans la partie que Crompton joue contre le gars à qui il pensait avoir pris le poste. Imaginez s'il fallait qu'il connaisse sa meilleure partie et que Nichols soit embouteillé!

Not decided yet but it may be Reilly.

Mike Reilly is throwing the football.

— Morley Scott (@Morley_Scott) September 9, 2014

Meh. Last week, the offence ran 5 plays in the first quarter and produced 1 yard of offence. They also couldn't run the ball even with the two-back set. Until they demonstrate otherwise, I remain unconvinced. They have also yet to win a road game this year. Throw in Crompton missing valuable practice time and I expect a resounding loss. Edmonton isn't going to hand us turnovers and penalties like Hamilton and Ottawa did.

I'd be surprised if the Als won but I'm expecting a much better game from them.

Eskimos not taking former backup QB Jonathan Crompton lightly as he QBs Alouettes Sept. 9, 2014 2 min read original EDMONTON - No need for the Edmonton Eskimos to roll out the red carpet for Jonathan Crompton this weekend, he’s been here before.

It wasn’t all that long ago, either.

And besides, he was probably seeing enough red on his way out after going from the team’s second-stringer a season ago, only to have Matt Nichols return and then get leapfrogged in training camp by newcomer Pat White — a West Virginia product who was touted as the team’s third-stringer and short-yardage handler well before the regular season got underway.

That left Crompton following fellow former Eskimos quarterback Jacory Harris into free agency to pursue other options.

“It was one of those deals where neither side could get worked out what they needed to work out and he just felt like it was best for him to move on,? Eskimos head coach Chris Jones said following Crompton’s release by the club on July 9.

Fast-forward two months and Crompton finds himself 2-0 as a starter with the Montreal Alouettes, moving them into a first-place tie in the East Division with the Toronto Argonauts.

The six-foot-four, 225-pound Tennessee product is completing 63% of his passes, for 451 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions as a starter, following a 20-10 win over the Ottawa RedBlacks before beating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38-31 on Sunday — just two days after the death of his former fiancee due to ovarian cancer.

“I think we’re going to see a guy who is very confident in himself and believes in himself,? said Eskimos defensive back Marcell Young. “I think we’ll see a guy who wants to beat his old team, beat his teammates. Maybe prove some people in the organization wrong, or whatever.

“Whatever the case may or may not be.?


One thing’s certain, the Eskimos know what they can expect from a extra-motivated Crompton.

“He’s been playing good for the past few weeks,? Young said. “He faced this defence a lot in training camp, so we’re going to have to mix things up and disguise things and just stick to what we do.

“A big, live arm, give him all the credit in the world. When he was here, he could really wing it and he fed some tight spots. We have to close those windows pretty fast so he can’t wing it in there.?

Crompton and the Alouettes are riding a two-game win streak into Commonwealth, to face an Eskimos squad that has lost their last two. No one expects it to be a replay of the 33-23 win Edmonton earned in Montreal in their only prior meeting this season.

“I actually expect a lot from him because I think they’re a lot better team than the team we played earlier with Jonathan Crompton back there,? said Eskimos defensive back Aaron Grymes, who arrived in the CFL at the same time as Crompton last year in Edmonton. “I know Cromp and I know he’s got a strong arm. He likes to air it out and he’s got a lot of good receivers to throw to.?

But the familiarity is something the Eskimos will only rely upon so much heading into Friday’s game (7 p.m., TSN, 630 CHED).

“I would say a little bit just because I know he has a strong arm and he likes to use it, but when he was in our offence, he ran a whole different offence,? Grymes said. “So he’s not throwing the same routes to the same receivers, he’s not seeing the same reads. It’s going to be a lot different.?

Merci de cette citation, HfxTC.

Je crois qu'on cherche à endormir Crompton et les Alouettes, ou au moins à ne surtout pas les réveiller. Mais comme le mentionnait Pierre Vercheval, il affrontera un front défensif bien plus aguerri que celui des Timinous et sa ligne offensive est amochée. LBJ et Perrett sont blessés et ils auront eu une courte semaine pour se soigner.

Je risque une prédiction : si l'équipe d'arbitrage est celle dAl Bradbury, les Alouettes vont se faire massacrer. Sinon, les Alouettes ont une faible chance de gagner.

As long as they play well and progress, I'm ok with it. They've just won their two home games and The other 3 Eastern teams have their hands full as well this week, Toronto is in Calgary, doubt very much they win that. Saskatchewan is coming to Hamilton so Hamilton might catch up the other two and Ottawa has just lost Walker and Glenn is coming to town so Ottawa is in for a bad night...

So pretty much the worst case scenario is 3 teams tied up with 3 wins a piece. As long as they don't fall behind going into the last month of the season and stay healthy they will have their season in their own hands.

Don't get your hopes up. This team is incapable of progress for any sustained period of time. I hope to be wrong, but I am not expecting anything but an ugly loss this week.

Apparemment, Reilly pourrait être de la partie, comme mentionné plus haut. Marcus Howard sera également de retour mais Joe Burnett ne sera pas dans l'alignement.

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MTL TRF TO INJURED IMP Jermaine MCELVEEN (DE) Alabama Birmingham


Looks like someone tried to grab Jake from our roster again.

Or, didn't we have a couple of OL get "tweaked" last game? Maybe it is just for game day flexibility/depth.

Last game, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Jeff Perrett were slightly injured;hence they did not want to dress only 6 OL and added Jake Piotrowski.

As per Als roster, WR Eric Deslauriers has been transferred to 6 game injured list.


I recall commentators mentioning that they only had one backup dressed so the Als were lucky that they didn't get caught with their pants down, so to speak.

I expect that will please more people here than it disappoints.

Deslauriers on the six-game???

Not saying I'm happy he's injured, but HOORAY for Graves getting a shot!

We will know who's right tomorrow if he dresses or not.