Montreal Does It Right

Before the Leafs Habs game they honoured the Alouettes with a five minute standing ovation.
Really quite an awe inspiring thing to see.
Good on MOntreal.
They are more of a Canadian city than alot of cities in this country.

Montrealers love their football team and their fan base is still first generation. Bright, bright future football in Quebec.

Well done Montreal. I also liked how the Canucks had Wally Buono drop the puck for a Canucks game earlier this year and made a Canucks jersey with his name on it. Classy move too. Even though I am a Rider fan I salute cool stuff like this done in other cities to celebrate the success of the CFL!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Did the Argos get a chance to showcase the Grey Cup at a Leaf's game in 2004?

I honestly can’t recall as I do not watch the Leafs.
Having said that, I don’t believe for one minute the Leafs would do the same classy thing the Habs did.

I would expect as much from MLSE. I doubt they give a rat's ass about the CFL or civic pride beyond their realm of sports properties and maybe the Blue Jays because of their profile in a big American league.

No they didn't. That's like because the NHL was on strike (or locked out depending on your point of view) in 04. So it would have been pretty hard to have them at Centre Ice at the ACC.

But remembering back to 96 & 97, I do believe that the Grey Cup, Flutie, Clemons, & et al. were at Centre Ice before the Leafs game.

Here is the video for those interested....

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Beautiful to see, like last year with the Flames as well and Canucks with Buono, yes. Thanks for the video Hf.

I'm sure it will be a rainy day in hell before Larry Tannenbaum and MLSE would lift a finger to do anything for the Argos even if they won 10 Grey Cups in a row and made the city proud there. That is just beneath Tannenbaum to do such a classy act for a team in a league they consider "not worthy". Sad.

Maybe I spoke too soon, didn’t realize Larry Tannenbaum of MLSE was at the CFL awards ceremony last week, very interesting! Hmmm… They have to realize that for the 100th Grey Cup game that is probably in Toronto in 2012, there are many, myself included, that will pay a very decent price for tickets to attend, probably close to double the going rate for GC tickets currently.

Like I said, Larry can be viewed as the "fox in the hen house".

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Only two members of the Bombers bothered to show up

The Pride on AC’s face as he is showing the cup is priceless.

It's no wonder he's so proud - he just won the classiest trophy in all of sport. Even the name Grey Cup is classy. It kind of makes the name "Superbowl" sound like a piece of kitsch from the '70s.

It's only the fitting that Les Glorieux should honour Les Champions.

It is a piece of Kitsh from the seventy's :slight_smile:
But the trophy is called the Vince Lombardi trophy...that's pretty classy too.

Yah the Lombardi Trophy is pretty classy too, but Lombardi wasn't a Governor General (though he was much loved obviously). That trophy also isn't 100 years old, and a new one is created every year, unlike the GC. The Grey Cup (both the trophy and the game) is venerable, the Lombardi trophy, not so much.

Wow...had no idea, they made a replica every year...

This video is yet another example why I am starting to really love the city of Montreal and all of Quebec. Total class!

I've never been to Montreal but i'm thinking a trip there next season to catch an Al's game sounds pretty good.

As much as it hurts to see the Als hoisting the Grey Cup as a Rider fan, I have to admit that was pretty cool.

Great to see a 'big' city in the east getting so excited about a Grey Cup win. If only Toronto and southern Ontario would 'get-it' the same way. What an amazingly strong league we would have then.

I didn’t know that about the Lombardi trophy either. Interesting. I guess if I was a pro football player I’d like the best of both worlds - make the NFL money but when I win the championship, get my name on the most historical and venerable trophy in the game, the Grey Cup.