Montreal cuts four players

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We better sign them quick before Tim Hortons signs them to full time jobs.

maybe Marcel has some type of connections with these players/there agents after possibly dealing with them under Jim Popp. I'd love to see Ricky Bell or Jerome Haywood here.

Maybe things to come?

Bell is old, but Butler would be a good pickup, Haywood... maybe and don't even bother with Edwards

Wow ... what happened to Duane Butler?

He was the Als “D? player of the year in 2005

Butler lost his starter's job to D'Wayne Taylor middle of last season, and with the signing of John Grace, the writing was clearly on the wall for him.

Butler excelled in Montreal's pressure defence, coming off the edge in a blitz package. But in a conventional defence he isn't big enough to play the run at the OLB spot, and his pass coverage skills are inadequate....that is why Hamilton, who used him at DB, released him in the first place.

Might be worth a look-see as a depth guy and on special teams, but probably not starter material anymore.