montreal CONCORDS?

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The original Alouettes franchise folded after the 1981 CFL season, but were immediately replaced by a new club for 1982, the Montreal Concordes, owned by Canadian mogul Charles Bronfman, who also was the founder of the Montreal Expos baseball team. In 1986 the team attempted to embrace its predecessor's history and regenerate flagging fan interest by rebranding itself the "new" Montreal Alouettes, but mounting financial losses caused the second team to fold days before the 1987 season started.

does this mean the 'concords' played from '82-'86?...cuz i always thought they were just around for 1 season.

No, they were around for a few years. I remember being at the Eastern final in 1985 and watching my Ticats pound on the Concordes.

But wikipedia does have the date wrong. This is off the Alouettes' web site:
"The Alouettes became the Concordes in 1983 and finally, burdened by mounting financial problems, the franchise ceased operations on the eve of the 1987 regular season."

So they were the Concordes from 1983 to 1986.

That's exactly what it means.

The League took away the franchise from nelson Skalbania in May of 1982 and immediately granted a new franchise to Bronfman and his group.

At the time, they were worried about legal problems if they kept the name. Several former players from 70s were owed deferred money from contracts. It didn't work, the Concs still had to pay up.

They ret'd to the name Alouettes in 1986, the team's 40th anniversary.

What amazes me to this day is when I hear fans or even media claim it was the "Concordes" who folded the day before the 87 season.

Oh, and I still have my Concs' jersey, cap and button.

See my post above.

so would it be possible, then, for another ownership group to place a team in Quebec-city, and call them 'the Concords'?...AND claim those '83-'86 years as thier own..

..much like the modern-day Alouettes claim the original Als history?

or did the name 'concords' mean something to the city of montreal ( like how the expos were names after a montreal specific event ), which wouldnt make sence in quebec-city?

No, Big Dave. The Als' site is wrong. Trust me on this. Or if you don't look up the CFL Facts and Figures, newspaper articles or anything else.

The facts are as I stated. I'm a diehard Mtl fan. I remember those years. I especially remember that blowout playoff loss to which you referred. Allegations of many of the players with drug problems.

One thing to add. Bronfman sold the team in March 1987 to Norm Kimball and Jim Hole. He paid off all debts (he lost $17-20 million total)and even gave Kimball $2 million in start-up money. It was Kimball who folded the team on June 23, 1987. One reason --- they had less than 4K season-ticket holders.

Oh, and Drumming God.

Concordes was chosen because it came from the city motto: Concordia est salvus. Loosely translated, it means "Salvation Through Harmony." The name never caught on with anyone. Just the short version, Concs, would tell you why. They figured a return to the Alouette name would stir up some excitement and new interest.

if Moncton ever got a CFL team, maybe they could name them the Concordes.

No, we'd want them to succeed. The name has no resonance with a football team.