Montreal Concordes

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How far the CFL has come from these dark days!

it sure has.

and surprisingly, during the Grey Cup pre-game show, Tom Hanks told interviewer Brian Williams that he was a fan of the old Montreal Concordes before becoming a Tiger-Cats fan.

Just him being a CFL fan is good enough for me. :thup:

I also was a big Concordes fan at the time. Reason of course was Turner Gill. Often forgotten in history of the CFL is that the Concordes began to improve under Gill at QB finishing 8-8 in 1985. If not for the Concussions that knocked him out of the 85 playoffs and ended his career who knows how Gill or the Montreal team may have been different.
In my memory as a teen and the CFL still gracing us on ESPN on a regular basis Gill was an instant success as QB picking up the pro game quickly.

Agreed. Turner Gill's game seemed perfect for the Canadian game. A shame things didn't go better for him.

Turner Gill Concordes 1984-85