Montreal Close to Signing former College Star

Last week it was Toronto and David Boston making headlines. This time, its Montreal and former college standout WR Charles Rogers who was chosen second overall in the 2003 NFL draft.

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Ah another NFL loser. :lol: But what the heck if he can help the Als why not?

last i checked he was 40 pounds over weight and couldn't crack 4.8

should fit in then

Rogers Will Be Diffence Maker for the Als at 6'3
DB in this league will have problems with his size and Speed.
Avg Size of a CFL DB is 5'8 to 5'11
Rogers is 6'3 Talk about a miss Match Over The Middle.

If he can make the team he might make a difference. He better show up with a good attitude and work hard to learn the game though or those shorty DBs will make him look pretty bad.

I hope he is out of drugs now.