Montreal chokes; Toronto headed to Grey Cup

C'est la vie, Brian Bratton, pour toi :oops:
You won't sleep well tonight :cry:

Probably not real appropriate. You could say the same about all teams, other than Toronto & Calgary.

One play does not a game make. Maybe if Calvillo didn't throw two picks or didn't miss Green open in the end zone in the first quarter or if Trestman stuck with the run game that was working, etc. There were lots of factors that led to Montreal's lose today; it's not just on Bratton.

or 6'4" DesLauriers does not play hot potatoe with the ball earlier in that quarter !!

Or the Toronto defender doesn't tip that ball just enough to throw Bratton off.

Toronto played better today and deserved to win. No choking occurred today.

I'm time-shifting the game right now and I'd say Toronto is just playing extremely well. The Als aren't handing it to them however. Kackert and Owens are tearing them up. Ray is his old Eskie self. Meanwhile Argo defenders are giving Calvillo fits

No shame in losing this game to this Argo team that has suddenly gelled late in the season after playing well enough to hang in there early. If I didn't know better I'd accuse the Argos of sandbagging :wink:

Every day for the next 6 months, Brian Bratten will relive that drop that killed Montreal's chance for a Grey Cup. It will eat at him like a cancer. When you're a Bomber fan, your only joy comes from the misery of others :twisted:

6 months?

older fans in BC still havent forgiven chapdelaine for the drop in the 83 cup.

Dont get us Rider fans started! :smiley:

We cheer for a team that missed a 15 yard FG in OT of a playoff game, and thats only the second worst thing that happened that decade!! :lol:

I wasnt even born in '76, and Gabriel's catch still stings me!