Montreal Canadiens Trying to steal the CFLs thunder... AGAIN

It will be announced tomorrow that the Montreal Canadiens will be hosting a game at the Olympic Stadium vs Washington... on November 28th!!!! a day before the Grey Cup

They did this last year when they retired Roys number the day before the Grey Cup in Montreal!!!

Im a CFL fan before im a Habs fan... and this really annoys me!!

I wouldn't light my hair on fire. Its a non issue. Those who watch hockey will watch hockey. Those who watch football will watch football.

And then there are people like me who will enjoy both games from the comfort of my reclining chair with a beer in hand.

Again is correct and you are right.
Last year George Gillette was suggesting it was an accident and they meant no disrespect and I was in the crowd at Hurley's when on McCown's Sportsnet/590 show he was wearing the Als jersey. What a bunch of crap/
I recall how Larry Smith was rightfully pissed off then and no doubt will/should be funing now.

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Just what I say could not agree more its a non issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Hockey played in front of 50,000 fans instead of 20,000 ?!?!

What's up with that? I thought the only sport that had that kind of draw was Football.

It does draw like that for novelty games. No way would you get that kind of attendance, little or not 30k, for a regular season game.
Except in Toronto, they love the leafs for some reason.

I think if Hockey was only played on weekends, like football, for say 20 weeks, then yes they could command that type of crowd, at least in the major hockey centres.

Obviously those who want to will watch both games. I don't think this is much of an issue this year, matter of fact the hockey game Saturday night could be a good pre-amble for the Grey Cup on Sunday. Last year it didn't matter to much to me, and I was in Montreal for the Grey Cup, cuz I think that bum who had his # retired was the most over-rated human being of all time and I could care less what was going on with him. And btw - I HATE the Habs, so any chance I get to slam them I will, just don't see it in this instance.

You do realize this is @ Olympic Stadium right?
They draw less fans than any CFL team ever did (I once watched a very sad game against the Padres where they drew less than 9,000 fans)

Ya the Expos did, but the Habs will fill the place on a novelty game, just like the Grey Cup and the Impacts game there last year.

Relax and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley:

What could be a better weekend than the outdoor hockey game on Saturday then the Grey Cup on Sunday. Gives us all something to watch at the Grey Cup on Saturday. Pubs will be even fuller which will add to the atmosphere. If the Als make it to the Grey Cup their fans will have fun wearing Canadiens' toques and Als sweaters etc. etc. It will make it an even better truly Canadian experience in Calgary!!! The CFL game has nothing to worry about as its merits are on the field!!!

CFL Forever
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!

Well whatever, I love hockey a lot and watching but hockey is way, way overrated in this country to what it brings to the table. I've been born and raised a Hab fan but think how Montreal is so Habs crazy or what have you is ridiculous and even when I was in Montreal last year for the Grey Cup, I couldn't get into the Roy retirement thing, because mainly it's overhyped. That's what I like about the CFL, it isn't overhyped and therefore gets me going more, hard to explain really, maybe because it's not just every Tom, Dick or Harry that's into it it's more special to me in a way.

Oh, they will be hyping this game at Olympic Stadium like it's the next big thing, big deal, if I'm going to go to a game I will go in a hockey arena, these games in stadiums are just, well, overhyped as I say.

Where's the link for this??

No word from Bettman on it either and today he announced that Boston will play Philly in the Winter Classic at Fenway on New Years Day.

Besides, how would you get ice to stay in the Big Owe, there is no ice machine in there... November is NOT cold enough to sustain it. my guess is they fill the place with ice cubes and just keep replacing them as they melt...

this thread is ice cold dead lies

You do realize that it's the Montreal Canadiens playing at Olympic Stadium, not the Expos?

It's a novelty game against a team featuring arguably the league's most exciting player (Ovechkin). Fans will come, believe me.

You might also not be aware that the Alouettes play their playoff games at Olympic Stadium and never have trouble drawing crowds.

Wouldn't a game at the big O be an indoor hockey game?

I don't think the Canadiens are the least bit threatened by the CFL. Look no further than the dates of their regular seasons.

True enough Tecmo. Rogers Communications does feel the threat from the CFL as does the MLS I guess and I don't think MLSE and Tannenbaum likes the CFL around but the Canadiens no, I would hope they feel partners with the Als to be honest.