Montreal @ Calgary

I'am hesitant to go against Montreal but it has to stop some time and I believe it will in Calgary!
Montreal 27 Calgary 29
The 4th quarter comeback will fall short this week.

if calgary is gonna stop the streak, they need to play alot better than they did against the riders...too many dropped balls and INTs.

montreal will make them pay for those mistakes.

Maybe Montreal is just that

Calgary's going to have to get in Calvillo's face all game long to win this game.

Their offence will also have to play a near perfect game. Should be a close game though.

I don't think it will be close. Burris is going to throw a couple interceptions and Reynolds is not going to get through that defense. Als by 10

Reynolds can get by any defence.

I don't know if we're all talking about the same Als here, but I recall a team that JUST wins all their games. They're not that scary. If we can get to Calvillo early like we did to Joseph, I could see this being a Stampeders victory. However.. I'd still pick Montreal.. the Stamps haven't been able to put together two solid games back to back.. why start now?

Remember what happened to the Lions last year?? Not saying Montreal is gonna falter, but they very well could.

Calgary didnt play their best game last week, but they managed to win. Als will beat them, and beat them badly if the Stamps play the same way next week.

I doubt Reynolds will be able to run all over a big als front 7 but htats just me.

and even if the stamps get to Calvillo early (again easier said than done with a star studdeed o line) Calvillo is not a 4th year QB, he never loses his cool and the way the als have won most of their games are from Calvillo adjusting to a defence by halftime and picking them apart.

All this goes without saying that every 3-4 defence is very vulnerable to the run by nature. Edwards ran roughshod over the argos D the als offensive line will be able to push around the LBs a lot easier than REs and DTs and Edwards will be able to get a good amount of yards that way which will open up the pass better for Calvillo.

Let me refresh your memory!

The Als have won
27-17 10 points
32-14 18 points
27-21 6 points
44-16 28 points
41-38 3 points
21-13 8 points
31-7 24 points

25-24 1 point
30-15 15 points

Only 3 games have been one by less than a TD.
Not exactly what I would call "just winning"

Sadly I think the Stamps are too inconsistent to beat Montreal … but they do play back-to-back, and usually you get a split out of those … look at Winni and Hamilton

While I do agree with back to back splits...its not a true back to back!

Calgary has a bye next week while Mtl plays Toronto. They play again in 2 weeks

Ah, touché ... ok, I don't think Calgary will win both ...

Hehehe....just too funny !!

Everyone said the same thing about Roberts when the Als played the Bombers but still, the bombers didn't do anything against the Als D-line as Roberts was stopped quite easily. Somehow, I don't see Reynolds doing any better than Roberts ( who I think is more a menace than Reynolds )

On your other point stating that Montreal "JUST" won some of those are right...they did "JUST" win these games.....while playing poorly on offense and picking up their game only in the second half. I hope for Calgary that the Als won't play a "full" 60 minutes of good football because, if it is the case, the Stamps will get their butt handed to them real quick !!

  1. I'd bet 10$ Burris will throw at least 2 picks (interceptions) 8)

  2. Montreal has a point differential of +93 points. That means they won all their games by an average of 13.8 points... almost 2 TD's. :cowboy:

P.S.: By the way, Calgary is +4, so they basically lose by the same amount that they win. Not very impressive.

Who's in the house? Als in the house! :rockin:

probably just as close as the BC gain was.

Well, BC's differential is +68, so they're doing pretty well.

Winnipeg's differential is only +29.

Both teams being 5-3, I would predict a BC win even if the two teams were 100% healthy. :smiley:

I are off topic, I was referring to the Als @ Stamps Game, or did I miss read you....

Nah, I believe I missread you the first time around.

However, since the BC gain against Calgary was by 23 points, I do like what you're saying :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks. I needed that.Lop of the first digit from your Cgy point total and you'll be talking.