Montreal @ Calgary

Tough loss for the Stamps last week. Can they rebound?

I certainly hope so although I can understand if you'd rather see the Larks put them away. :slight_smile:

So far, good feed from ESPN3

I have my burgers, chips, now about about to crack a cold Bud. Should be a good one. Hope Green is ok though.

Wow. 10-0 lead halfway through the first quarter. Anyone know where Calgary is?


American Money that is == GREEN!

No :smiley:

Wow, 10-0 already. My pick of Montreal doesn't seem so risky after all...

Apparently looking at the back of SJ Green's uniform.

Couldn't resist.

To be serious, the question heading in to this season was never on the defence, it was offence and special teams. Well Kavis Reed as a full-time ST coach (first in several seasons) and a couple of new bodies have the ST working well. The Als bringing g in Cato mid-training camp has provided the best QB play since Calvillo went down with last concussion.

Als are better than most expect.

Teams will try to adapt to Cato and try to burst his ballon, but equally he gets to study more film and learn more about the CFL game. Personally, the kid impresses me with his cool.

Well, this game's over. I wonder what else is on...


Even as an Als fan it has me surprised.

Well so far the Stamps are looking like they forgot the game started early (for them in the west)! :roll: :oops:

Wow, Cato and the Als are for real.

Of course B.C. was up 21-0 on Toronto and we all know what happened there....

The kid is a Robo QB.

Yeah, the only time Compton is going to play now, is on third down plunges, and in mop up duty....

Just when you think Cato will come down to earth, I don't know he looks cool and the real thing.

This is the - CFL NO LEAD IS SAFE!! I know that there were many especially in the east last week who thought the BC/Argo game was over at half time!

#2 got very lucky on that return.