Montreal @ Calgary

The league's two top teams square off. Montreal's looking good; Calgary's on a bit of a slide. They better get it together cause I picked them in the VGCC. :lol:

Off to a good start, Chief

I just saw that. I turned on the TV and it was 7-0. All right! :thup:

Should be a gooder tonight...I expect Calgary to break out of their slump

I don't mean to sound like an arse, but are we seriously going to talk about AC and Cahoon climbing closer to the stats records each week?

It hurts me to say this…but go Stamps

Well...I don't know if you've noticed, but Suitor does tend to repeat himself and drone on and on and on... lol

If you're an Als fan tonight, hope you have a full liquor cabinet...oh dear! :lol:

I did notice that a bit this season... :lol:

That was a helluva play by the Stamps. Nice block by 23 and Rambo was gone! :lol: 14-0. :thup:

Nice job TSN having that B Sara Orlesky tell another long stupid story from the sidelines as Rambo ran for touchdown ... :roll: what a bunch of tools who have never seen enough blondes they must be there like maybe that Cuthbert.

Big skookum Henry pass/run play there, 14-0 Calgary

Yes because that douche Cuthbert studied his game prep talking points again! :roll:

Ugh...that happens sooo often. It's ridiculous.

Not a big fan of this drive... Let's go Stamps D! :roll:

Ugh… Calgary needs to answer with a score of their own. I’m not in the mood for a nail-bitter tonight. :lol:

It's a preview of a possible Grey Cup showdown match at Commonwealth Nov.28th

Already lookin' like a "good-un" indeed :slight_smile:

Also I bet they muzzle that ninnie Orlesky until halftime for that one too, as more than likely that B is crying in the bathroom now. :lol:

NFW she ought have that job, and I'm confident there are many more women far more competent to have that job who don't sound so effen annoying too.

Wow...Big plays by the Stamps tonight!

I'll take the 3 points. The D just better hold on this next possession.

Yea well, all persons on the field are makin more cash than me, so I say to Paolo X; No can do.