Montreal 3 Calgary 1

Montreal 10 Calgary 8

Montreal 17 Calgary 8

I can't believe that taunting call. For leaning back with your arms open....

But its ok to dance and do a jig or a frickin' boy band dance routine?

My thoughts exactly

Half time: Montreal 18 Calgary 8
Not exactly an explosive offensive first half!

Go Alouettes. I bet on you guys to win by 4 or more, come on and let's win me some money!

Big turnover!
Montreal goes for it on 3rd and goal from the 1 and Calgary stops them.

TD Alouettes! Eric Lapointe
Montreal 25 Calgary 8

25-8.... Things are going well... so far.

That tackle on Burke Dales helped alot.

Just how badly injured is Joffrey Reynolds?

Ben Cahoon now the Alouettes All time leading receiver!

TD Anthony Cavillo!

Montreal 32 Calgary 8

Cahoon, Stala AND Vaughn heading for a 1000 yards season.... with Watkins already there, it looks good for a Montreal repeat (4 receivers with 1000 yards).

And Cavillo is ahead of last years pace for 6000 yards

Was that RedandWhite that was knocked down by security in the endzone?

Lapointe has a 115+ yards game… great. When Edwards isn’t there, we still get the job done on the ground…

Final score

Montreal 32 Calgary 11

Phew... back above .500

As long as we keep the pace on Toronto, we have a chance at winning the East. All we need is to beat them on October 22, and we both tie the top rank and win the serie.

Thanks MONTREAL, that makes me 3 for 3...going for 4 for 4....

GO B.C. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that MONTREAL has the tougher sched. than TORONTO , BUT WE PLAY 4 GAMES in 17 days starting with , EDMONTON.