Montreal Calgary Radio change

For anyone who wants to listen to the Als game while watching CBC(silent) or RDS(French). Due to the Canadians hockey game CHOM 97.7 will be broadcasting the Football game while CJAD covers the Canadians.

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thank you...........ro1313

Thanks ro, but who still wacthes the canadians? They suck!

I’ll bet you the Canadiens will do better than the Jets this year.


I actually wish Winnipeg still had a team.

Actually it's hockey that sucks
But since Hockey trumps Football its the Als that got bumped to the sister station

Kuchu the Habs are the greatest team in NHL history and have the best collection of good young talent that they have had in decades. They won't win the cup this year, but they will contend soon and they will make the playoffs this year.

Take them camping with you! Hahaha! :lol:

I can't respect a team that is named after the folks they want to separate from. That is why I think they should be named the "Quebecois" or "Habtaints", the latter I like more (Since I was in Habitat for Humanity years ago)

Too right! "Pheonix" Jets SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that we both agree that the former Jets should fly back to the Peg where they belong.

Did you ask every player if they want to seperate?
How about the owner, Did you ask him too?

No, I mean the whole concept that Quebec wanted to separate, yet they had a team named after the people of the country that they were separating from.

I also hate nicknames like "Americans" and "Indians", patriotic yes but so.... pathetic and in bad taste!

A) If Quebec wanted to seperate they would have.
B) The people of Quebec did not name them
C) Its the name of a hockey team

.....please KK, unless you are really sure about a situation don't make silly judgements........what's that old saying? hmmm "better to have someone think you're stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt" much as I am not a fan of the Habs they are the most successful franchise in Canadian sports history and I respect the part they play not only in NHL lore but also the very social fabric of eastern should do the same..........

PS.........I'm not calling you stupid dude, it's just a quote, no offense intended.....

Hey, I'm happy that Quebec didn't separate, don't get be wrong, I face North everyday and thank the First Nations of Quebec for voting "No"

However, I believe that the Habs should change their name to something else, like the suggestions above, for the sake of taste. It's cool to have a team in Texas as the "Texans" again, know Texas will stay apart of the USA forever (much to the dismay of the Indenpencist there). The Habs should be the same.

RW, I don't care, even if you called me stupid. I'm fine with it, as long as you lisson to me, it's all good.

I really don't give a damn if you respect them or not, but you call the Alouettes the Aloucordes and you diss the greatest hockey team in the world.
screw you

Blow me! :twisted:

"the greatest hockey team in the world"??? Team Canada takes that title buddy! Followed by the Soviet team of the late 60's to 80's. and then the WHA Winnipeg Jets, etc.

Your opinion is a joke anyway!

then why aren't you laughing? :lol:

and I only call the Alouettes the Aloucords becase of the whole fiasco in the 1980's.

Put a team in Moncton or the Atlantics called the Concords and I'll start calling the Montreal team the "Alouettes" like they REALLY are.

But I must admit, that you picked the Als to win the Cup this year, so you're not that bad!


look, Molson, don't take my verbal diarrhea too serouisly, I'm just the guy standing on the soap box when it comes to changing sports, and I really don't give a real flying fuck . I have bigger fish to fie in politics, being a young revolutionary and all.

and I do love Molson!!! :smiley: 8)

Good luck on your revolution!
And sorry I get a little touchy when my Habs are dissed!