Montreal / Calgary Gameday

Montreal is having their way with Calgary right now. Up by 2 TD's halfway through the first quarter.

The first wildcat of the year was less than impressive. Not nearly as nice as Watson's TD.

Hope you're not one of the 83% that picked Calgary in BigDave's challenge

Gee this 1st Q looks eerily similar to the Cats/Argos game.. does this mean Calgary needs a new team too?

Love it

20-7.. this game is a mirror image of the 1st game so far

Calgary special teams starting to really step up with a big return and a blocked kick.

Trying to make up for the inept offence, and a defence that couldn’t do anything to stop the Allouettes.

the game is going well!

Tie game at the end of the third quarter. Calgary is showing why they're the defending champs by fighting back in this one.

Overall, a much better, more interesting game than the first half of the double-header.

This has turned into a very exciting game! Two great teams really going at it.

Calgary has 30k season ticket holders this year, up 27% Go Calgary!

The highly touted Calgary offence looked really average. They were short a few starters ( Pilon, Armstrong, Rambo ), although Tidus Ryan looked damn fine in relief. Their defence stepped it up in to make it interesting, and the two blocked kicks show us that Montreal needs to start protecting their kicker a little better.

Inter-division games start 1 - 0 for the East. We'll see if the East can keep going tomorrow.

Two blocked punts, a kickoff return for a TD against, and big yardage given up all night against Calgary's special teams units.

I didn't think Scott Squires could sink to a new low, but here's the proof.

...and yet the difference in score was the same in this game as it was in the Argos/Cats game...

Except that Calgary came back and tied it, and the game was in doubt until the last minute of the fourth quarter. Whereas the Argos took the lead early and never looked back.

Yup, but at the end of the day, does it really matter?

Oh well, I'm just glad that the Als kicked Stamp butt. :slight_smile:

Wow that was a really good game, Calgary's special teams really kept them in this one, offensively they looked pretty rusty.

I can't get over how A.C looks better each year. Great way to start off the season. Also a good time to play Calgary, when they're Defenders are learning what the CFL is all about. Still my pick to be the best of the west, though,

...congrats to the Als who struck early and hard when Chris Jones for some unexplainable reason decided to go with the questionable Pumice Defense in the first quarter...the stamps tried to claw their way back and made it an entertaining game but Montreal did what they needed to do to get the the victor go the spoils...AC appears to be ageless... is an interesting thought though, even when the horseys play an ill game they manage to stay competitive against the Beast from the's a long season, no worries yet...

Agreed, Calgary is a powerhouse and I am just happy my Als got the two points. You guys had O-line, D-line and receiver injuries yet it still came down to the final minute of the fourth quarter. I don't think anyone on the Alouettes is taking this victory for granted.

On the other hand, our special teams were simply awful. Take away the blocked puntS (!) and the kickoff return for a TD and I think most would agree that my Als won the other two phases of the game.

...agreed D&P, and I think the telling truth to that is the yardage with Montreal pretty much double in rushing and passing compared to the the the end of the first Q it was like Calgary 34 yards combined to Montreal's 198 or something, I turned to my nephew and said 'wow, I don't think I've ever been to a game where a team might rack up 800 yards'....a lot of luck and special teams kept the game close for us....

That Titus Ryan guy looks like a keeper. Very nice dilemma to have him replacing Ken-Yon Rambo and turning in a performance like that! :slight_smile:

I think its a steal that we got to play Calgary, in Calgary right away, especially with all the first timers on Defense.

Like I said my previous post, I think Calgary will be first in the West, but I'll give them a couple of weeks.

I am hopeing for the Als to return the favour to Calgary, and beating them infront of their fans on their field for the Grey Cup :lol: A loss never hurt so bad, being at the game.