Montreal-Calgary Game Thread

Schultz calls Montreal 24-21; I like Calgary by 8 as I think they are due for a breakout game.

It's partly cloudy with a light wind so no weather effects tonight.

I'll be watching while working on my computer and posting if anything interesting happens. More ref antics anyone?

I haven't been sold on this Thursday night thing.

What would be wrong with double headers on Friday and Saturday night?

Nice blitz. Calvillo's arm looks okay but he doesn't seem mobile. I predict more blitzes to test that groin injury.

Anyone else around????

nice fumble!!.. go Stamps…lol

i'm here. hope calgary stomps them


Nice throw. As I said, the groin injury isn't hampering his throws so he's well on the road to healing. At the same time the Calgary D still looks good.

Why didn't Higgins challenge the sideline catch call that went against the Stamps?

anyone else getting tired of hearing about paytons dad EVERY SINGLE als game?

over and over and over..bla bla bla....SHUT UP.

Yeah... but Payton IS having a great game. (Rats!)

Not as good as Jesse's was!

True- Hard to top that.


22-8 for the als

dayum.. someone tell MTL to stop with the scoring already!!!!

Okay... so we aim for a solid third place inthe East.

it isnt over till the fat lady sings

Calgary has a great offence and is very capable of coming back

Boy… I go away to take a bath and the thread dies. Did everyone else think Mtl. had it sewed up too?

Let’s see if Calgary can score here. Beautiful 2 catches in a row. Now on the 2.

cue the comeback hopefully!!

nice sack... again!!

Burris is throwing nicely but the MTL. defensive backfield is playing really tight.
I'd like to see coverage like that by the 'Cats.

Lewis has really had to work to make his catches.