Montreal @ Calgary Aug. 1 2015

Saturday can't come fast enough!

I'd like to know whether it's customary for teams to take the whole bye week off. Apparently, we were off until last Friday, when the team ran a practice. Is that normal? Seems to me that with a young QB and a rookie OC, we should have been using at least part of the bye week to install new plays (short yardage on offense and second and long on defense) and review existing packages.

I also wonder how close Tanner Marsh is to being ready to practice. If we want to beat Calgary in their own ballpark, we can't afford to come up short in makeable short-yardage situations.

C'est normal de donner du temps aux joueurs. La saison est longue et ces pauses sont un baume pour leur corps et leur esprit.

Relativement aux situations de courts gains, ce que je crois surtout est que l'équipe doit développer plus de jeux différents qui peuvent être exécutés de la même formation. Si les autres équipes savent que les Alouettes n'ont qu'un jeu en situation où il faut gagner une verge, ce ne sera pas si difficile de les arrêter. Cette diversité qu'on pouvait avoir avec Marsh (le meilleur en situation de courts gains qu'on ait eu depuis très longtemps), il va falloir la retrouver et l'étendre. Je me souviens de ce jeu que Trestman faisait à la porte des buts avec Bekasiak ou Bomben insérés comme ailiers rapprochés, et qui quittaient la protection pour devenir un receveur. C'est un jeu qui a rapporté ses dividendes plusieurs fois. J'ai aussi aimé le jeu que les Timinous ont fait à la porte des buts avec Holley. C'était un jeu bien imaginé et qui a surpris les Alouettes. Les Alouettes auront besoin de pluls de jeux comme ça.

Également, il va falloir que Bridge apprenne à abaisser ses épaules sur les faufilades du quart. Il reste trop droit et de ce fait, ne contribue pas à la poussée car son centre de gravité est trop haut et il est trop facile à arrêter sur le dessus de la pile. Bridge a beaucoup à apprendre même en cette matière, aussi je crois que dès que Marsh pourra revenir, il sera celui qui s'occupera des fonctions que Bridge assume présentement.

I agree that Bridge has to get a lot better at QB sneaks. But we also can't always line up in an empty set on short yardage. I don't see why we can't give Sutton the ball in situations when it's a long yard. To me, you go sneak automatically if it's less than one yard; anything more and you need to hand off to the RB, try a pass play off play action, or just line up in shotgun as normal.

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Bruno Heppell reminds us this morning that the Als are 0-6 playing in the West since Tom Higgins became head coach of the team. Ouch. That's awful. Hopefully we can break that streak and get ourselves a win this Saturday. Not expecting a win but it's very achievable. Ottawa beat the Stamps in their own backyard and they will be missing several key players, including Cornish. We should be rested and focused after the bye week, fully prepared for the Calgary game. There is no reason we can't win. Go Als go!

Its in their union agreement. Everyone takes off, including the coaching staff.

Good to know. I really do think that the solution in the long term is for the players to receive a bigger portion of the revenue pie that is tied to increased practice hours per week.

I think what they need is all teams should hold a four game mini-season in Florida during the winter/spring months with rookies and prospects. They could market it to pay for some of the costs and players would come into the season so much better prepared. They need to think out of the box.

The Als have added Int. QB Anthony Boone to their active roster and released Int. QB Andrew Manley from the active roster.Boone is from Duke University. 6.0,225 and 23 years old.

They also added Int. WR B.J. Cunningham to their practice roster and released Int. DL Markell Carter from their practice roster. Cunningham was selected in the sixth round,by Miami, in 2012.6.2, 211 and 26 years old.


Montreal 31
Calgary 30

I think it will be a low scoring affair.

So it looks like Bakus did not get an offer.
It looks like they are making room for Sam. Wonder what the locker room will think of that. Heppell mentionned that Carter was much better than Sam in camp anyway.

Why bother if Marsh is coming back soon? Is he good for short yard situations? If not, what could he bring with no training camp or CFL experience?

I would not be surprised to see Tanner traded. He needs to play and deserves a chance somewhere and Popp has got to start rounding up his nickles. Extending Cato will require CAP space. I could see Marsh sent to Saskatchewan or BC.

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Carter supposedly had a great camp and now he's unemployed. Don't like this on paper but I'll see how it pans out. With Manley gone and this new guy on board, I agree that trading Marsh will be in the works but I don't think it happens immediately. We are still pretty thin on QB depth with both Crompton and LeFevour on the IR. I think Marsh will see action with the team as soon as he's healthy and we might see a trade later in the season when we have someone experienced (like Crompton) to back up Cato. Going into a game with Cato, Bridge, and Boone as the three QBs makes me very nervous...

Good for Marsh if he can get playing time somewhere. I would be surprised though if somebody was willing to trade for him.

Sam is already on the 46 man roster, Carter was on the practice roster; so releasing Markell made room for Cunningham, not Sam.

Well that's debatable. I really hope Sam does well but how can Sam be ahead of Markell when he didn't even make the team. This whole situation has been awkward right from the overblown press conference.

No idea but the Als can't have six QB's on the payroll when other teams have three. Makes no sense in a CAP league. One has to go and two should go.



Cato, Marsh, and Lefevour are the ones with the most upside (although I know literally nothing about Boone), but I guess Crompton's status with the team is the big question right now: will he be the #2 once he's off the injured list? Will Marsh take over? I forget how long Lefevour's injury will take him out, but he could probably wrestle for the #2 spot, too.