Montreal Bus Trip Oct. 17th -18th

My friends and I are running a bus trip to Montreal for the game on Oct 18th. We are looking to fill approximately 10-14 more spots.

It will be $260 per person with your transportation (limo style party bus) to Montreal, hotel room (1 room, 2 double beds, 4 people per room), and ticket to the game.

The bus will leave Hamilton EARLY Sat. morning and come home Sun after the game.

For those interested PM me for more info.

So for $260 ,I get a ticket the bus ride, and I have to sleep in a bed with a stranger?

We're hoping for groups of friends to go so its not a stranger.

.... who's slappin' down the VISA Card for this one?

What hotel?

Where are the seats?

How many people are going now?

How many people are you looking for?

I will have the exact details after the game tonight when I meet up with my friends who organized it. the hotel I know for sure is on Du Parc so it's walking distance to the stadium. I'm not for sure but I want to say it's the Quality Inn.

We are getting the tickets through the Alouettes from what I've been told so exact location I also hope to have tonight.

The bus is only for 24 people. It's a limo party bus so seating is limited and hence why its a little more for the trip.

How many spots available is still to be determined within the next few days .

Too rich for my blood and there are no two other people we'd want to share a room wiht, but I can guarantee that win or lose, it's a great time.


The hotel is the Quality Inn on Du Parc. Its walking distance to the stadium.

The seats are being bought through the Alouettes group site andd we still arent sure location in the stadium. But at Molson Stadium it really doesnt matter where you sit.

There are just under 10 spots I believe and spots will only be guaranteed by paying in full.

Seats do matter. Als sometimes hold a group of endzone seats for visiting fans. That's my bet as to where you are. They are low and close to the field, which is cool but the view is so awefull you can't tell if they ran for 20 yards or five. To make matters worse, the screen is behind you so you can't watch the replay of the play that you couldn't understand. All other seats are suitable except the first few rows on the North side which are too low to see over some of the sideline action.

You can get a decent pair of tix for about $100 on kijiji/montreal, a good hotel (which is important) in Laval for $100 night which makes for a decent weekend in Montreal, plus you sleep with your wife alone :wink:

Montreal is a great place to go, Via is offering 60% percent off now. The subway brings you close to the stadium from almost anywhere. It's only a 6 hours if you want to drive too. The only problem is when you go, you don't want your team losing 25-0.

Sounds like fun, I'll be at the game, 4 of us are driving down Saturday morning and returning monday. Were sitting in the end zone Section E1. Hope 2 see you down there. Oskee Wee Wee !!!!!! :thup: