Montreal @ Bombers game day

Toronto's just not a sports town. People need to accept that, because telling them to become one isn't going to change anything.

Looks like Winnipeg's got the wind in the 4th, so if the rain holds off this could be a pretty good finish.

Horrible camera work in todays game.
The camera is losing the play alot.
Especially on long throws.

I don't like Proulx.
Thats the bottom line.

Then we can't talk anymore.

Pierce needs to drive the Bombers to a major....the Als will 3 pt. them otherwise I say. Als lead 15-10
I spoke too soon; Pierce pickoff leads to an Als TD.......Sigh > 22-10 Montreal

Als are taking over the game.

Finally! 22-10

Has the Bomber offense even been on the field in the second half?

Things fell apart on that scramble by Pierce to finish the first half.

Wow Borham, stupid move! Just kick it

And again. Two and out, topped off by what appears to be a zero yard punt.

You can't give Calvillo the ball on your own 25 after so little time and expect the D to bail you out.

edit - Sorry, 25. Tack a no yards on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pitiful playcalling by Winnipeg.
They are throwing this game away with dumb calls.

Had they did get that last second fieldgoal.........wouldn't have mattered as things are going haywire for Winnipeg now.

Lapolice choice of punter blowing up in his face. Just like the wind.

Must be fun for Maciocia to watch CFL games these days LOL !

You need ten yards and you throw five?

Boreham will be cut before dinner time.

Must be Proulx's fault!

Proux's been gold for Winnipeg. Missed a roughing the kicker and extended a drive on Cox miss call.

Calvillo is brutal... Post traumatic Stress dysorder...