Montreal @ Bombers game day

Big game for Winnipeg! If Al's win, they clinch first place! Bombers need the win to get a home playoff game.

Go Alouettes!

What a dumb penalty that was. Why would you ever do that on third down?

But on the upside, at least we won't have questions over if that was PI or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Als need to capitalize here.

AC looks off today. Not good for Als if he doesn't pick it up!

C’mon AC
Don’t GC this game

That Bomber fieldgoal attempt went strange way left

Andre Proulx is the worst ref in the league.
There's alway alot of penalties in his games.
Lots of confusion.
Lots of delays to figure out whats going on.
Get rid of this guy!

It's not his fault. Why do you blame proulx as if he makes all the mistakes? He only reports them to people. It wasn't his fault the ball was moved twice, his umpire did that.

He's the manager of the game.
And whenever I see this guy ref its full of penalties and confusion.
The game gets dragged down because of it.

There's lots of penalties in games because players keep breaking the rules. He's not the one holding the receiver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya but he has lots of his own job to do. He can't do everyone's job. It isn't his fault if the ref down the field messes up.

Besides the guy up above who supervises them all will be the one who disciplines them

This guys game always has too many penlaties.
You don't have to call everything that happens on the field.
You could call a penatly every play in football.
I say let em play.

tsk tsk tsk

Pierce, what were you thinking??
An easy field goal gone...Hopefully the game is not decided by three points..

Are you even watching the game? There's been a lot of late hits let go in this one.

On an unrelated note, someone teach Pierce some clock management. That was pitiful.

Benji, coming from an ex referee listen, the referee can only worry about his own role while on the field. When the back judge calls a PI or a late hit, the referee cannot over rule him unless it was sooooo obvious there was no call. Even then they will conference and discuss it first. The refs job is to look after the offense, mainly whoever has the ball after it is snapped. He can't see everything, it is impossible! He then whistles the play in and tells the stick crew what down it is. He also tells the stands and the statistician the penalties. He has no authority to call a penalty in another area of the field, nor can he decline the penalty if he believes it is a bad call.

It also is not up to him to make sure the umpire puts the ball in the right spot every time.

You truly don't know what you're talking about so please refrain from further bashing of the referees, thanks!

And at the same time, "let them play" is stupid. Should we not call procedure because there's been other penalties already? Maybe we'll ignore the time clock and offside sometimes if the last play was a PI?

Reffing this game has been fine, the penalties have all been the players doing stuff wrong. You want fewer penalties? Tell the players to stop trying to cheat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have said in the past that Proulx should not be reffing Montreal games. He seems to favour the Al's in my opinion.

wow...6th straight sellout at Canad Inns...and the packed Jets house...very impressive.

Winnipeg is not a huge Metropolitan population by any means, although they are certainly a huge sports town.

The largest Metropolitan in Canada should take notice...

Yes, I'm talking about Toronto.

Id say the opposite. whenever he refs an als game he goes out of his way to penalize the als to prove he isnt favoring them just because hes from quebec