Montreal Best Defense in modern era

Als are currently trending 294 points against. If they maintain this pace or even better it this will be the least points allowed by a CFL team in an 18 game season (24 years) ! No team has broken below the 300 points against mark.

And with all those games left against Winnipeg and Toronto...I would say that it's a strong possibility. :wink:

It's hard to think they only have one Grey Cup victory is the last decade I think it is.

Today was the fifth time this season the Als allowed 10 points or less. They have a real good shot at becoming the team to allow the least points in the last 24 years.

The defence has been the driving force of the als this year and the next 2 games are the biggest tests they got left in the season. Calgary is a very strong offensive team and could put up some good numbers if the als arent careful then they play Hamilton who also have a solid offense and could put up some points. Finishing the season with 2 games against winnipeg and 1 against toronto means that if they can hold Calgary and Hamilton to around a combined 50 or fewer points they should be able to get that record

Yes, great defense- the result of the addition of 3 new players- Parker, Brown and Guzman. Plus the change in Cox's position and Emery''s development to starting linebacker. I have perceived that it was the defense that contributed more to the losses in the GC that the offensive team.

I guess it would depend on how you define modern era. The 1979 Eskimos allowed only 219 points against over a 16 game season which is an average of under 14 points per game and held their opponents to one digit in the Western final and grey cup. Extrapolated over 18 games thats just 246 points.

the advantage of being in the lowley eastern division, only there can you win 5 or 6 games and make the playoffs :roll:

Als are 5-2 against the West. 2-0 against the lowly Riders who averaged an INCREDIBLE 17 points and helped the Al's average.

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Its obvious by your stupid comment you did not watch either game first game was very close until the Rider defence got tired because the offence could not move the ball second game was very close and Riders almost pulled that one off and that was one of there best games of the year and they lost, when the Riders meet the Als in the big game in November it could be a different story. The east has one good team and that is the Als so its obvious that they will be in the big game its a shoe in no competition for them in the east all losing teams. But can they win the big game.

44 to 10

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34 to 25 second game yeah not close stupid me :roll: second game was going either way until 3rd quarter when they ran up the score sometimes the score doesn't tell the entire story, oh yeah you only see what you want to.

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That's gonna be very hard to do, just one TD would break that. For history stake I hope they do it and wish them luck, but realistically I don't see it happening.

However, if they keep up the D, I bet they will still achieve an amazing PA record, like the lowest number of PAs in the past such and such seasons.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this team like the closest to a prefect season that the CFL has had under the 18 game season, or at least ties with other legendary teams of the past?

Esks went 16 and 2 until the Riders crushed their dreams :slight_smile:

what season was this, forgive me, my memory fails me when I haven't slept but four hours.