Montreal benefitted from some lucky plays

Why The Don is still the premier coach in the league, great play on the punt. Sure, a bit lucky but they were trying for this and I think more teams should try this every so often.

Can't argue with that, and it's something I noticed as well. We were never able to drive across the field and score. Turnovers gave us great field position on most of our scoring drives.

Maybe he wants the CFL to use the "Fair Catch". :roll:

You know that if you don't signal on FC, and the ball hits the ground, it becomes a fumble? I learnt that the hard way in Madden. :oops:

i love the winnipeg players whinning after the game, like the refs cost them the game, and no the refs didnt cost you the game, it was 44-16, you lost because they played better

no it doesnt become a fumble

The player always waves the ball off in real life, but if you play Madden, and you forget to call the FC, or forget which button it is, and your player doesn't recover it, your in deep sheep.

but don't just take my word for it, although I have it saved as a reply, try it yourself.

Still think that No Yards is the best rule though.


If the receiver doesn't call the fair catch, and the ball touched the ground it is not a fumble!!!!!!!!
Ya want proof? Why do you see 11 kicking players standing around and watching it roll instead of jumping on it???????

If the ball hits the ground and the kicking team touches the ball it is a dead ball from that spot!!!!!!!!

The receiving team takes possession there.

Is it possible for you to get one rule right?

did the receiver call for a FC?

did you read my post?

this is exactly true…because in the first half, the bombers seemed to be in complete control (offence and defence were doing their jobs) but when the 2nd half started, and turnovers, penalties, and injuries started to rack up montreal received field position, which aided most of their scoring drives

answer my question, if he called it, what you say above is the outcome, but if he doesn't, it's a live ball when it hits the ground.

I seen it done in Madden, which goes by the NFL rulebook.

I was in shock when it happened to me when I was playing.

NO you answer my question!
I specifically said in my post

The ball is not live regardless of what you think happens in Madden

It was obviously planned out. And that was the best play/ coaching decision I've seen all year. The BB players were stupid IMO not to pick up on it.

What happened to you in madden is the guy fumbled the ball after touching it. A punt in the NFL once it is touched by the kicking team is dead and the receiving team starts from where they downed the ball. thats why you see kicking players running hard to get to a ball thats near the goal line

There was only 36 seconds to go and the Als had six yards to go for a first down, so the Bombers just figured the half was over. They expected to get the ball back and kneel down.

Wasn't that the best timing to catch them off guard? That's why coaches always say you need to play the whole 60 minutes. These last "meaningless 36 seconds" cost the Bombers 7 points and the momentum.

Can someone please explain the behind the punter rule. I am totally loss on this one.

NO. And I haven't ever seen such a call made. That's why it was total LUCK.

I will see if I can get a screen shot of it

Any player behind the punter may legally recover the ball after the punt, before the receiving team gains possession, as he is considered "onside". Players who are not behind the punter are considered "offside" and may not recover the kicked ball.

And you can punt the ball like jm02 mentioned during any point in the game, and no matter where you are on the field(even if you are across the line of scrimmage). The punter themselves, or any player behind the punter at the time of the kick can recover the ball because they were "onside" at the time of the kick.