Montreal benefitted from some lucky plays

Player behind a punter? c'mon....

lucky????? was planned, you got yuor ass beat, you will again next week stop whining

It wasnt a lucky play, it was a brilliant call by Don Matthews. It was a designed play, and the Als executed it to perfection.

plus greg marshall is an emberrasment for what he did.

those to coaches belong in winnipeg, they act like winnipeggers

you belong in edmonton, with the rest of canada's morons

lol.....yah the morons are in i guess morons have jobs..unlike manitoba(winnipeg) who are the highest welfare province, cool people dont work lol

will someone please get this rookieray out of here- every post i get to he's there w his "potty mouth" and trash talking! he's taking it a bit too far wi his insults, and i would hope that all the classy edmonton fans would set him straight. a little trash talkin heren there is ok, but i've been reading posts for bout an hr now, and i read is this ray guy calling everyone down. am i the only one getting tired of his rants?????

btw - it was a great call by don! ... and perfectly executed - don't blame don for exploiting the rules, that's good coaching (even though i hate to admit it!).

no shank everyone else is sick of my rants, because there always true..the truth hurts

i'm not even going to respond and stoop to ur pathetic level. u don't know me, wot i do, where i live or anything else bout me, so to go ahead and make statements about me and all wgp fans being this n that, well giv ur head a shake! take ur personal tiff w yogi to some other forum and leave this one to football!

Ummm no, actually I think its Quebec :lol:

i agree that the play wasnt lucky..maybe the only thing lucky out of that play for montreal was the bounce that the ball took to come back to the al player..other than that it was a good call by the don..and im surprised more teams dont do that..its pretty good strategy

did u forget who you got ur ass beat last time..oh yeah..its the team you play next..and i cant wait to see montreal dismantle the esks worse than they did the bombers, cuz im sure if a 3-2 team can destroy the esks..a 4-0 team can do it too

and remember..they have a better offence

Ricky Ray has hurt Montreal hard in the past. I bet there are a few guys licking their chops ,knowing they will have unlimited access to him for 60 minutes. Montreal is going to punish Ricky Ray, like he’s never been before.

Luck? Try skill, good coaching, great execution, and a fortuitous bounce on the turf. Matthews sent that play in from the bench and it worked to perfection. As the ol' saying goes, you have to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good. :wink:

Yeah, great onside punt play by Montreal, and great TDs, and recover after AJ3 **** up. They benefited from us missing up.

Good teams make their own luck.

Good teams don't became unglued by what they consider adversity or bad officiating.

Good teams don't have their coaches having a meltdown because of same.

I like Marshall, nut I think he's gonna be a little lighter in the wallet by the end of the week.

Regardless of the frustration with the game, of what Mtl players or coaches were doing/saying, the ol' one-fingered salute (if it was that) isn't going to fly with League.

Do you even know the rule?

the Als benefited from great field would be interesting to see where they started from on their TD drives, I dont recall one drive starting on their side of centre field, which would account for only 284 yards of net offense......

not only that but Montreal had a lot of 2 and outs. When they did score they had decent drives.

Other than the onside kick and punt fumble that is