Montreal @ BC

I'm glad they're playing this game today and leaving Sask/Winn for tomorrow. It allows me to watch this game and skip the Sunday "game" to watch some NFL. :lol: :lol: Go Lions.

ditto, except I wish the BC game was later in the day.

Hey tomorrow's game is an important one. If the Bombers actually show up it could really change the tone around the team.

Macallum's 600th FG...good on him. I wish I had $600 in my bank account!

Yeah, same here. I hate these early Saturday games.

TD to Richardson makes it 7-3. Boourns.

Found a seam and then some. Great field position for BC. Gotta take advantage now.

Real CFL fans will watch :smiley: ! Although I may be in the hard liquor line by 2nd quarter! :cowboy:

I seriously lol'd at #33 getting objectionable conduct as Clarke was calling the original penalty. What an idiot. Trestman's gonna give that guy an earful. :lol:

...and they just did!!

Seriously that was just an awful penalty. And now it's a TD Shawn Gore.

Wow. Good return followed by a good run. We could have a barn burner here. :o

BC has an answer for that goal line pressure from the Als this week. It cost them a W last week

Wow. Als gamble with an on-side kick and get it.

End up settling for a FG anyway. Tie game. Already 20 points scored. :lol:

Whitaker's doing a good job of breaking tackles in this game. I wonder if NBC is showing this one, it'd be a good game to showcase the league.

..except for Rod Black, decent game so far.

This time zone excuse is BS...teams have about a week to prepare so I don't buy it!

You ever travelled across three time zones? It really does affect you. Takes me a couple of days before I'm fully adjusted.

It never took me more than 3 days to recover!

Did Trestman really just take a penalty for trying to challenge a play that can't be reviewed?

That's VERY unlike him.