Montreal @ BC

LOL @ Forde bringing up Ugly Naked Guy. :lol: :lol:

So is BC trying to imitate Edmonton? Couple of fumbles by BC, and Montreal scores 6 unanswered points.


I got a kick out of this one...

We're not exactly seeing the same Montreal offense that put up 51 points two weeks ago, are we?


This game has half as many penalty yards as total offensive yards.

Disgusting suck!!!

Another one off the post...

Someone should tell him its not horseshoes…no points for leaning it on the post here

Make it 9 unanswered points... :roll:

could easily have been 17 or 21 tho

I thought that Rider fans would enjoy that one. :slight_smile:

I was wearing my Riders jersey when I ordered a dozen donuts at Tim Hortons a while back. They gave me 13 in the box. Man I had to howl with laughter at that one.

Yeah, but 9 may be enough to win. :?

It wasn't a rouge, but it was as good as.

Wasnt there a thread about that a few days ago?

Back-to-back near picks. Is Printers trying to give the game away?

that was NOT a catchable ball!!!!!

Brown rights the phantom PI Call there. Good.

Whether Turkey was joking or not, I think he was right. BC should try starting Lulay. Printers isn't doing a damn thing.


The team that sucked less won.