Montreal @ BC

I’m kind of torn. I picked BC to win, but I’m not a big BC fan. :lol:

well, I am just shocked :o

I'm not an EE fan ,but I will be pulling for an EE win on sat

You and me both, although I picked Saskatchewan to win. :lol:

And thank God the Als will have to settle for a FG.

Seems like McCalum is the only BC player firing on all cylinders this season.

Is BC still rebuilding? Holy crap. :lol:

Edit: And just after I type that, they hold Montreal to a FG, which Duval missed. :lol:

40% of the team are in new positions. I expect it will be while before the train leaves the station. I just hope that train gets moving in 2010.

Not a good night for kickers. Geez. :?

And BC's offence needs to get going.

I'm surprised there is not more yellow cards awarded in this soccer game.

I'm surprised BC is the most penalized team considering Edmonton had over 200 yards last week. :lol:

This game needs to pick up. I'm falling asleep over here. Are the defences this good, or are the offences just playing like crap? Well, I know BC's offence is playing like crap. Printers can't hit anyone.

This is the lowest scoring half of CFL ball of the season so far at only 8 points. The lowest I could find otherwise was 16 in the awful Toronto-Calgary game in Week 1.

This game is soooooo painful to watch. I'm glad I decided not to get tickets for it. Besides, I went last week when the good guys were in town.

Well 15 points now still the lowest …quick kick coming perhaps?

Good thing this one was not on the NFL Network too.

Figures Printers starts playing well after I call him out. :lol: Small lead, but I'll take it.

Now why can't BC play like that all the time? They would have blown that team out of the water last week.

Always funny to listen to the three stooges at half time

Even last week, I thought BC's biggest problem was their inconsistency.

Inconsistency is BC's M.O.

AC should take some heat off his throws for his receivers or throw to someone that can catch

And I'm pretty sure I saw Damon Duval talking to the BC Coaches, asking them to throw 13 men out when he's kicking so that he can have a 2nd crack at it.