Montreal - BC --------Gameday Thread

[b]HIGH-POWER ALS OFFENCE SET TO MEET STINGY LIONS DEFENCE[/b] VANCOUVER - It's not getting any easier for quarterback Anthony Calvillo and the Montreal Alouettes.

Montreal's high-octane passing attack has faced solid CFL defences the last two weeks, losing at home to the Calgary Stampeders, then on the road Saturday to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Up next Friday will be the B.C. Lions (TSN, 10 p.m. ET), who are tops in the CFL in fewest passing yards allowed (972), interceptions (10) and sacks (14).

But Calvillo, who admits he's getting close to the end of his career after hitting the 50,000-yard passing plateau last season, is again directing the CFL's top aerial attack.

He leads all quarterbacks with 1,377 passing yards and 11 touchdowns after four games. However, he expects the Lions' secondary will be trouble.

"There's really not a weak link," Calvillo said following Thursday's workout. "They don't give a lot of space to receivers so we know, as an offensive unit, it's going to be a challenge for us.

"When we look at the film and see how tough they're playing, this is our biggest test to date."

The Edmonton Eskimos are in Hamilton to face the Tiger-Cats on Friday night (TSN, 7 p.m. ET). The Toronto Argonauts take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday night (TSN, 7 p.m. ET) as Argos quarterback Kerry Joseph makes his first return to Regina since being traded to Ontario in the off-season by the Riders.

B.C. (2-2) has overcome an 0-2 start with consecutive wins over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Montreal (2-2), on the other hand, has lost two straight.

Still, Montreal is tied for first in the East Division while the Lions are tied for last in the West Division standings.

The Lions' secondary has equal respect for Calvillo, even though Montreal is 0-7 here since a 32-25 victory Aug. 31, 2000.

"A.C. is always a challenge," said Lions defensive back Ryan Phillips who led the CFL with 12 interceptions in 2007 and has one this year. "He's on the upper scale of the quarterbacks in the league without a question.

"He's seen all the defences, all the schemes that you can offer."

Defensive tackle Tyrone Williams said Calvillo, a 15-year veteran, can get out of trouble when he's feeling the heat from the pass rush.

"He's not noted as the most mobile quarterback but you forget he's an athlete," Williams said. "He's very knowledgeable about the game, gets good reads and knows how to play the game."

Rookie Montreal coach Marc Trestman said the B.C. secondary doesn't employ complicated schemes but is difficult to throw against.

"They know they're good, they know they can cover, they know they have great technique and experience, so it makes it very difficult," Trestman said.

B.C. slotback Geroy Simon could equal one team record and set another with his first catch of the game.

Simon needs four yards to surpass Jim Young's 9,248 receiving yards and one touchdown to tie his 65 receiving majors.

"It's something that you want to get over with early so you can focus on playing the rest of the game," Simon said of the yardage record.

Simon has recorded 309 receiving yards and three TDs in the two games against Winnipeg, mainly because the coaching staff has called his number more often.

"I can't make plays unless the ball's coming my way," Simon said. "I've had more opportunities to catch the ball and do something with it."

Punishing tailback Joe Smith returns to the Lions backfield after missing two weeks with a shoulder injury, replacing the diminutive Stefan Logan, who was stopped twice last game inside the Winnipeg three-yard line.

"Joe is more of a physical guy," said quarterback Jarious Jackson who threw for a career high 396 yards last week against the Bombers and is fourth among CFL passers with 995 yards. "Who wants to come downhill and hit a 230-pound guy for four quarters straight?

"By the end of the game, he definitely wears and tears on the other team's defence."

The Lions have allowed a league-high 11 sacks this season and Jackson said the key to winning will be solid play in the trenches.

"You have to set the tone early," Jackson said. "You have to control the line of scrimmage to be successful."

So who do you predict to win this? I think it will be a close game with the Lions prevailing 28-24. Montreal just can't seem to win at BC Place.

Montreal will win. I just don't think BC is that good. Something seems to be missing this year.

This game will be a great game to watch. If BC can match the offence they had against Winnipeg and show it wasn't due to playing a poor defence.

I am picking Montreal to win this but I am a little bias as a Rider fan.

I doubt either team will score 40 points tonight.

I hope and think that Montreal is due for a win at the Dome, and I hope to get it tonight.

Looks like they still haven't gotten fans into BC place in a timely manner before kick-off, its depressing to see the empty seats in the first quarter while fans are stuck at the doors or wherever it is that the bottleneck occurs.

I'm pulling for Montreal. They started so good and then... :expressionless:

Nice interview with Jim Young. Great to see the old guys come back to support the young guys when they break the records.

What's with these penalties tonight? Come on, refs.

I dont know when the last time I saw a blocked convert was....
Nice play by Baron Miles...He jumped right over the center

Nice play by Miles. The first (of two) roughing the kicker penalty was bogus, cause an Als player pushed a BC player into Duval. Vercheval on RDS said that it was a mistake by the refs, but that things even out for every team during a season.

I object to this point of view; it would be better if the refs nailed every (or most difficult calls) every time, rather than even things out.

The Als defense is awesome this game, and the special teams are adequate. The running game is also great. The Als are sure to win? No! cause AC chose this game to lay an egg! He has so far underthrown or overthrown his receivers. Even on short and intermediate routes.
Come on AC! Grip the ball.

Just saw Don Matthews in the Als box (on RDS)! He is still around... He has refused ALL interview requests...

Ya that one was a gift but I think maybe the refs gave it back on the punt just before the half.

no way was he down by contact...

Refs are fixing another game; Richardson did not catch the ball. Then, the BC player fumbled. The refs screwed the Als TWICE on the same play. WHY do we even play the games...

What’s the point of having reviews if they can’t even get it right, you clearly see him fumble before he hit the ground, should’ve been Als ball.

I agree, I definitely think B.C. fumbled the ball, and I'm not sure how the refs overturned that call. Whether or not it was a completion is a little harder to judge, I think. It looked like he had control of it for a few seconds, maybe have even taken a step or two.

I agree. So how is this play different than the Cates play last game MTL-VS the Riders. How are these two plays different? Flanders/Higgins?

Wasnt Murry the ref last week as well?

Ro. we need your AV skills. Set up a post with both videos so we can see how similar they are, and how they are called differently...

The Als just gave up a special teams touchdown. RDS confirms the Als had only 11 players on the field. ELEVEN players.


What more do we need??????