MONTREAL @ B.C.....internet radio??????

just asking........... :smiley:

I'm surprised no one has thought of this faster since the game's been axed by the CBC (**** strike). Fortunately, after doing some surfing, I have located the answer.

Starting at 7PM PDT (that's 8PM for those in AB and Rider-land, 9PM for the Manitobans, and 10PM for us in Ontario/Quebec who don't have access to Montreal radio), the game will be broadcast on the official radio station for the Lions:

I don't know about which Montreal stations will be carrying it, but at least its something.


AWESOME...........and thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Is CJAD the English feed or French feed from Montreal, ro?

CJAD Is english
Am 800 by the way

there you go thanks........all.

What is the score HT?

Ummmm, KK? At the time of your last posting, the game hadn't started yet.

I am not going the game......... :oops:

Yah, but you would have listen to it on the rajio.

Also, it was kinda hard to post on here during the game since the server was down. I wouldn't have minded giving interim score updates during the game.