Montreal August 3

Need help. Looking at going to Montreal for the game on August 3. Anyone who has gone in the past recommend a place to stay perhaps within walking distance. Thanks.

Hillton Garden Inn Montreal Centreville is fairly close. But be warned weekend hotels in Montreal during the summer ain't cheap. Even that - which is just a moderate hotel - is pricing at $369 + tax per night on the night of August 3rd..

I booked for 3 nights and its crazy expensive. The Osheaga Music Festival is the same weekend, so it seems all the less expensive hotels have been booked already. Check Hotwire for deals.

That time of year is magical in Montreal. The, uh, "scenery" is quite impressive. The night life ain't bad either...

Montreal has the best stadium atmosphere in the CFL by far. You will enjoy it.

Depending on what you expect from a hotel, there are lots of decent small independent options in Montreal, often a better value than the high-rise places.

A nice shot of the Molson stadium atmosphere from yesterdays game:

I prefer the Ottawa stadium atmoshphere and you get actual "seats" not a bench. Bars and restaurants in the Lansdowne stadium area, it's a bit of a walk in Montreal to get to bars.