Montreal attendance...

Seeing as Montreal, like Edmonton, is a consistent team that has a good shot at the Grey cup every year, and has a population of about 4 million (is that correct?) do you think that if Montreal had a Stadium as big as Commonwealth (But nicer than Olympic Stadium)their attendance would rival that of Edmonton's? 35-40,000 a game?

I think we could fill a 30 000 places stadium as long as we keep winning. 35 to 40k seems a lot. Crowd at Olympic Stadium if often between 55 and 60k, but that’s because all those who can’t get tickets at Molson-Percival buy some for this one game where more seats are available. Plus, that game is in october. I doubt it would fill this big in the middle of summer.

Montreal would still sustain a good crowd with a winning team. But should the Als line up a few 4-14 seasons, people would flee like cocroaches when you turn on the lights. Too many bandwagonners in Montreal. I think we’d get about 15k with a losing team.

the best part about the al's playing at mcgill stadium is, havign a franchaise that can get 25k a game, that plays in a 25k stadium, gives the team/game such a better atmosphere. olympic stadium can fit like 72,000 if its all packed in, but its oo large and spaced out, the atmospheres are dead quiet during games. i thin they should just stay at mcgill, and then like last home game when its freezing cold out, get 1 game in olympic stadium, and then they'll get 60k.

Montreal could easily get over 30000 every game.

But what people have to realize about Montreal and Edmonton is that the ticket prices in Montreal are between double and Triple what they pay in Edmonton.

I wonder how many fans Edmonton would get paying Montreal prices every game!

Games look fantastic from Molson Stadium, just great with the place packed but facts are facts and Edmonton is the league leader in attendance and good on them!

Man, I hope that Molson expands to 30,000 someday with Phase 3, which according to Wikipidia, can expand it to 35,000.

Kanga, you already refered to the WWE, so I'll tell you in words you get: on Wikipedia, it says Barry Horowitz used to wrestle under the name Brett Hart!

In clear, DROP WIKIPEDIA ! It is NOT a good source of information.

For pop and entertainment, though it's the best, but too pro American.

McGill is the one place I would dearly love to see a game.
Great view and overall ambiance.

Oh geez. Its bad enough we get Vince referring about Bret & Montréal, now we get someone from Montréal referencing Bret? Can't these people move on already? :lol:

Maybe around 20,202? Just kidding :wink:. Out of curiosity, have the Als prices always been the highest in the league, or is it just a result of the demand being higher because of the smaller stadium? It does look great on TV to see a packed house, no matter the size. Does anyone know if the renovations have been confirmed? Did they make enough money to go through with it? When are they going to take place and what exactly are they going to do?

I live 50 feet from Molson Stadium, it's cool to hear the cheering, but post game there's too many obnoxious people being ass hats by my door till way past midnight