Montreal at Winnipeg

If I can't afford cable, I can't afford a bar tab once a week.

buy cheap beers

As requested

Check your PM's.

Love you guys.

The worst part is, of all the sports leagues in the world that I follow, the one I'd most love to give my money to is the CFL.

Hate to steal the signal tonight (and until I stop being a broke student), but I plan on paying it all back + interest in terms of merchandise/season tix when I can. :smiley:

I'm so proud. Sniff!

Started backwards of how I thought it would. Figured the Bombers would come out flying, and the Als would start to take over after that. Neither QB looks very good out there right now, Bucky should have had another pick in there.

Bombers have looked better on O than I anticipated, but still not great...

Both teams are a little bit of timing away from looking a lot better, but both QBs have been off. Matthews has looked pretty upset with Buck on a few occasions...that's not needs to be nipped!

Mainor has been great, even though I don't think he has a tackle yet.

You could also google first row sports (can't remember the exact url).

Is anyone else falling asleep? The first 10 minutes were exciting, and then the penalties, turnovers, and FGs took over. :roll:

Both teams playing sloppy, to be expected. I'm happy we're up by 10 at the half but there is lots of football to be played.

Buck pierce is not looking sharp at all tonight.
Perhaps he should have played in some pre season games?

Hopefully the bombers can do more offensively in the 2nd half.

I forgot to keep watching, just noticed some guy singing who sounds way over the hill. who the heck is he.

He's looked good on a couple of passes (the bomb to Denmark and the TD pass), but generally, either he's not throwing the ball where it should be or his receivers are running the wrong routes. As I wondered in the Als forum, it's possible that the weight he lost in the offseason has affected his arm strength.

Looks like the half time adjustments worked on that series.
Good game so far!

Buck looks good. Remember no preseason play. Better the Anthony so far

I think it's safe to say that one team's still in the locker room... :expressionless:

Calvillo's offence is as sharp as ever, and wow Winnipeg out of the gates fast in the second half!

Montreal's sloppy defence better not lose one again for that awesome offence!

And now the special teams also just pooped the bed on that punt return coverage!

What a return for a TD!

Maybe Sara O. will improve this year too? She stopped earlier than usual after the action started.

I've seen little sharp about the Als O. It looks close...but timing is off. Give it a game or 2 and it could be top notch.