Montreal at Winnipeg

About the only sure thing about this game is that it is a sell-out. I will be watching both O-lines as I fell that both teams are shallow at Qb and if their starter goes down because of either injury or age, it will be a long season living in the basement. Watch for Winnipeg to try to run the ball early to try to by Buck some space. Watch for Porter to finish the game for Montreal.

I don't think this game is going to be the blow-out everyone seems to be predicting. I will take the Bombers by a field goal.

I agree. With Buck Pierce you always have a winning chance when he plays. Very good QB. Crowd is worth 7 points tonight.

I'll be surprised if Pierce starts the 2nd quarter. I don't know how Winnipeg fans can stand the apprehension with this guy.

Porter was released last week.

I can't believe he's still their starter. It's almost like Winnipeg doesn't wanna win. :expressionless:

Agreed. It is both surprising and sad that he is still their starter.

Thanks, I was on vacation and just got back Monday, guess I missed that. Change Porter to the back-up deux jour.


The Bombers will definitely use the RBs alot with the Simpson Ford one two punch whether its a run play or screen pass and try to pound on the Als defense a little bit. They will also have at least a 3rd RB available in either Canadians Volney or Woodson. The depth Chart has Denmark moving out to WR so they will have a speedster on one side and if Mathews can play a big receiver on the other so I am thinking some play action shots down field up High for Mathews or or real deep if Denmark should get behind the defense.
The only question on the Oline is that Douglas is not listed as the starter at RT and Boatman in his place could be the weak spot that the Als could look to exploit

One of their fans who was at practice says there is a lot of screen passes and RB releases in their game, tight end sets. Basically Crowton copied what we did in Montreal the last few years.

not quite. :wink:

Thanks for Mike Edem. We like him a lot.

not quite. :wink:
Okay then who? I am saying Calvillo doesn't finish, who will be pitching relief? :cowboy:

[F%&%&^.. who cares. If Reilly goes down you have Kerry Joseph. :cowboy:

Smart strategy...get Buck in the habit of quick releases...back the pressure off a time, work in the real passing game. Buck is a solid QB when the glass doesn't break.

That was uncalled for. :cry:

I picked up a 2-8 of Keith's and a 12'er of Rolling Rock. I'm ready for the games this weekend. Seems like we've been without football for an eternity. And with the Lakers starting their D league team due to injuries and all the Canadian hockey teams being eliminated by the second round, I've been without sports for a little while. :lol:

any streams guys? Like for real. TSN sure knows how to shut out people who can't afford cable (aka students like me) :cry:

Best opening to a stadium ever.


was just made better