Montreal at Winnipeg-Thursday, July 27,2017

I definitely don't agree with you,Sheldon, when you write that we are inferior to other teams in the o-line and RBs. Explain to me why they are the number 1 team in running the ball and the team with less sacks allowed.

I agree 100% regarding the DL; it's the main weakness. After 5 weeks, 4 players of other teams have more sacks than the Als; these players are: Victor Butler of Toronto with 7, Charleston Hughes and Micah Johnson both of Calgary with 4 and Ted Laurent of Hamilton with 4. The Als have a total of 3. This weakness will have to be addressed sooner than later. I still maintain that an Int. DT has to replace a Nat. DT. I don't know if Ray Drew is the answer but it can't be worse.

The receivers are not great but it's not a major weakness; I doubt that playing with 1 less Int. receiver will weaken the team; while 4 Int. receivers have dressed for the first 5 games, the Als rank next to last in average yards gained per game with 279; only Hamilton is doing worse with 260.

While Kavis has to accept some blame, the number 1 culprit is JIM POPP. He has been awful in drafting Nat. talent in the past 3 to 4 years and just as bad in recruiting Int. talent; the only exception can be the Int. DBs.. Excluding the Nat. OL all other CFL teams have 1 or 2 dominant Nat. players; the Als don't and it's a major problem.

I surely hope that they will find solutions/bring corrections in the next weeks or month.


How about the QB INT stat in which Durant leads the league with 6.
The Top three QB's, Harris, Ray and Mitchell have 3.

Alouettes have only 1 receiver in the top 10 for receiving yards, Cunningham.
Jackson is 13th.
Ottawa, BC and TO have 2 each.

Logan ranks 5th in yards on ST.

Als have Mincy with 1 INT.

Sutton is a decent power back off tackle (but not as good as Messam, Harris, Johnson , or probably even Wilder), but has no breakaway ability or quickness like a Powell, Madu, Scheuerman, Rainey. I would take any of these guys over Sutton. As for Rutley, I have no idea why he`s still around.

What bothers me about the o-line is the lack of push from LBJ, Matte, Blake. Team can never seem to gain yards up the middle. And while there have been few sacks, there has been lots of pressure, leading to Durant making the interceptions that have hurt the team.

But yeah the d-line might be the biggest problem. Besides the DTs, Bowman and Knapton have been invisible.

But this is the Als-Wpg. thread, so let`s hope they all make me eat my words tomorrow!

Not tomorrow,Sheldon, but Thursday. Ha!Ha!

According to Eric Leblanc Int. DT Ray Drew will play. If so, which Int. player will be out? I say Int. DB Jalen Rogers.


And while Deslauriers seemed to have put a lot of work into the draft, how confident should we feel about the future when DT Oramasionwu is dressing instead of our No. 1 draft choice and a guy a lot easier to spell - Foote.

Youre right Richard. Tomorrow Im going to Seinfeld at the Bell Centre. Hopefully the Als won`t be as funny as him on Thursday.

And speaking of Eric Leblanc, he is an amazing reporter the way he can go from the Als to the Impact to the Habs and write so intelligently.

Should Ray Drew play Thursday, I expect that Nat. Don Oramasionwu will be a healthy scratch.


Guys i am not off my meds, but i think we win this game. We usually have somewhat success in Winnipeg. Only beatings I remember is ac getting intercepted 9 times in the first quarter and swagerville was up and running like nwa.

I cannot say that the Als seem to have missed Woods .... and hardly shocking that he left last night's game with an injury.
As for Green, wonder how much he is making in TO? If less than his Als contract, wonder if he would have been cut if he took the pay cut.

How are the Als going to fit Ray Drew in ratio-wise when Geno Lewis is supposed to be in the starting lineup? Can Drew or Jabar Westerman play the occasional DE??? Are the Als going with 2 non-import DB's or LB's??? Start a non-import at the RT??? That begs the question whether the team is better off or not with this change.

Nobody has asked me yet, but here`s what I would do.

Plug in a National - Ackie or Boulay - at LB.

Use Hebert as a hybrid Rush End/4th LB and alternate Bowman and Knapton at the other end spot. Basically a 3-4 that can morph into a 4-3.

And the times you want a true 4-3 you take out Hebert and leave Drew, Shologan/Westerman, Knapton, Bowman on the d-line.

Bombers offense won`t stand a chance!

I don't understand, okie and Sheldon, why you presume so many changes should Ray Drew play. As I wrote this morning, there will still be 3 Nat. OL,1 Nat. WR, 1 Nat. FB,1 Nat. DT and 1 Nat. S for 7 starters. Yes, it will be difficult to play with 4 Int. WRs at the same time, but it can be done. You just have to replace Rutley by an Int. WR. Jabar Westerman, who played mainly DE while in BC, could also alternate with/replace an Int. DE in some situation. Is it the best scenario having 4 Int. WRs on the field at the same time? To me no! Presently they are 2-3, next too last in average passes per game and next to last in time of possession. Yes, they are the best in points scored against them, but if the other teams offence remain on the field 4 or 5 or 6 minutes more than the Als, they-las- will have less time to score.

I expect that with most plays, the Als will have a Nat. FB playing; some time it could be Beaulieu and other time Toure; presently, when they play 4 Int. WRs, Beaulieu comes out.

Maybe I miss something but for me the addition of Drew will not bring many changes. Unless they play Drew, they won't know what his contribution will be.


Sorry Richard but I don`t see an effective offense with both Johnson and Beaulieu on the field in all packages.

As I wrote earlier today, they rank next to last in passing yardage; we cannot say that the offence has been that effective with 4 Int. WRs; if we don't give the chance to some Nat. players we will never know what they can do. Rather lose with Nat. talent that will improve rather than with Int. talent whose best years are things of the past.

That's all for me on that matter.


Weaknesses Short for the position. Feet bouncy and become antsy once he’s unable to deliver to his second read. Pocket poise needs work. Looks for a quick exit rather than continuing to scan the field and deliver to receivers coming open. Drops eyes when pocket gets a little noisy around him. Anticipation is below average. Will hesitate to cut it loose when he has a safety on the ropes. Field side accuracy and short throw touch need work. Will need to clean up a myriad of footwork issues.
Draft Projection UDFA
Bottom Line Pipkin’s level of competition will clearly be a strike against him unless he steps up and has a big week at the Senior Bowl. He’s undersized with an average arm and needs to improve his accuracy and pocket poise. While he has proven to be dangerous with the feet, he doesn’t have the physical traits that teams are usually willing to take shots on late in the draft. He may find himself fighting to catch a team’s eye from the undrafted free agent list.

Having been away from home for two weeks, I found the Forum’s posts on our troubled Als great reading. Going into the past, this team has had serious problems in replacing three of our outstanding QB’, Etcheverry, Wade and Calvillo. After each QB left the team relapsed, the loss of replacements spelled out years of losing efforts until finally THE QB emerged reinstating winning ways. I knew nothing about Pipkin, our latest QB recruit and the above copy/check from Google, represents my “new post”. My guess is that the readers might find this interesting. My own guess is that this team needs renewal of several positions and, I lean those posts that spelled out the absence of skilled newcomers beginning from the time Popp started to acquire interest in a NFL position thereby diminishing his former self who, did bring forth talent. As noted Pipkin is an undersized, Division 2 QB who excelled in the smallness of a small NCAA Division 2 QB with big stats- %completion/passes= 64.9, Tds= 25, only 6 interceptions, etc.etc.
My guess re Wednesday’s, or, is it Thursday’s game vs Winnipeg will welcome an Alouette win. Durrant is due to put sufficient first downs into play and, Chapdelaine will continue from his winning ways of late last season into this coming event. Back in the 1960’s Coach Trimble used to bring late NFL cuts which invigorated the TiCats for Grey Cup wins. I think Chapdelaine will, hopefully do the same this year.

Woods - believe it was concussion protocol. We will see how long he is out.

I would still have kept Green over Jackson and his $165k salary. For me, money not well spent.

Like i said in an earlier thread. The Als are going to Win tomorrow and we will all be dancing on the streets :rockin: :rockin:

What I don't know is how much Green was slated to get under his Als contract before he was cut. I recall some outrageous numbers floating around at some point.; if they were accurate, SJ may have declined to stay for $165K.

S.J. Green contract was for $250,000 with the Als. Since he did receive a bonus of $50,000 in February 2017, he total salary was at $225,000,since he saved on US taxes with the bonus Costs to the Argos are /will be basically $175,000 in 2017.


I do hope that the Als will give a chance/claim Int. RB Josh Harris-Wake Forest- released today by BC.

Int. WR T.J. Graham was released by the Als on Tuesday.-CFL transactions- Now in Carolina as per okie.