Montreal at Winnipeg-Thursday, July 27,2017

While Wednesday I was confident that the Als would win against the REDBLACKS, not the same for their next game in Winnipeg; while I hope to be wrong, I expect the Als to be 2-4 going into their 1 week break.

Winnipeg has a "big" and heavy OL the Als defence won't be able to put much pressure on Nichols and he will,most probably, have plenty of time to reach for/spot his receivers; Andrew Harris will also catch short passes and run for long gains.

Their defence,which is amongst the best against the run, will pressure Darian all game long; I definitely don't expect Rutley to gain much yards against their defence.

The best of luck to the Als and hoping that they will remain in the game for 60 minutes.


Ok so Richard, I went against you for the game against the Stamps and they came away with a win.
I figured I would do the same for the game against the RB in hopes to capture lightning in a bottle and that the Als would come away with a win. Unfortunately it was a loss.
For the game against the Bombers, I am in agreement with you in that I do not foresee a W for the Als. Heading into Winnipeg, with the way the Als have started every single game this year, the most recent being their worst start of all 5 games. A start like that against the Bombers and chalk up a L for them.

Not to mention it will be their bye week after this game. Traditionally they have not done well on games heading into the bye week. I see the trend continuing.

And if an L does happen, I do hope that Reed spends the bye week taking a good hard look at his roster he has assembled and coming up with some options on how to address the areas of weakness.

Underwood had decent skills but has cost the offense a ton running bad routes and not being aggressive enough to win the ball once it is thrown in his direction.. right out of the gate it was a turnover for the offense, this team is not good enough to survive this happening on a regular basis.
Then there's Durant, who has flashes.. but is "off" for half the game, 440k QB needs to do better than that.. much better.

Then there's the play-calling.. 5 games in you still see not everyone on the same page. A few games back even Chapelaine had called in 6 incorrect plays, and this is his playbook. I know they're working on simplifying.. but that's not good.
One reason could be our head coach has never been HC, AND handled the playcalling.. he's used to focusing on just that. Either he makes the adaptation, or he has to find a solution.

Don't agree. Als will put together a complete game and come out with a WIN!!

The Als have added 3 players to the practice roster; they are:

Int. RB Amir Carlisle- Notre Dame
Int. WR Jay Lee - Baylor
Int. OL Jeremy Lewis - Miami- Formerly of Tiger-Cats. Released last May

While there are additions, we don't know the players that have been removed from practice roster.


Charland and Toure have been removed from the practice roster.

I don't know which other move(s) was or were made.


BC released Amir Carlisle after mini-camp this year. Hamilton let go Jay Lee at the end of training camp. For those into optics, having these 3 guys on your Practice Roster would look like discards from other teams are better than what you found on your own.

They are either good football players or they are not. I don`t really care who cut them. Carlisle and Lee actually have pretty good backgrounds.

Ottawa is starting Cody Hoffman tomorrow, I dont think anyone cares hes an Alouette cut.

Reed and Mack had to redo the Als neg list which Popp had heavily weighted with QBs. We`ll get a better indication of their recruiting ability with the NFL cuts they bring in later in the year.

I do read, in the Gazette, that Tiquan Underwood has an ankle sprain and Int. WR Eugene Lewis would/will replace him.

Nat. DB Termansen has ligaments sprained leaving a spot for a Nat. player; I presume that Charland will replace him.


And worst of all, Rutley will be at RB again. :frowning:

Looks like some change is imminent on the defensive end. Big chance Drew is inserted in the lineup which would help against Winnipegs offensive line

Ray Drew cannot play unless they change the ratio. In his younger days, he was able to play DE. According to the Rookie Camp Roster & by Herb Zurkowsky who mentioned it recently, Drew is now over 300lbs which means he can only line up at tackle. Based on what we saw last week, Noel Thorpe's solution to not having enough production from the 2 non-import Defensive Tackles in the 4-3 is just to drop one of them and primarily use the 3-4.

What a mess.

As per the CFL transactions of July 22,2017- just posted- the Als have added to the active roster:

Nat. DB Mikael Charland
Int. WR Eugene Lewis
Nat FB Ouma Toure

Added to 1 game injured list to August 10,2017:

Int. RB Tyrell Sutton
Int. WR Tiquan Underwood

Added to 6 game injured list:

Nat. DB Dominique Termansen


Int. DT Ray Drew could play,but the Als could not play 4 Int. WR at the same time; if they do, the Int. RB would have to come out.

If Drew was in, the 7 Nat. starters would be: 3 OL, 1 FB, 1WR, 1 DL and 1 S/DB.

Since they don't have confidence in their Nat. WR's, Drew won't play; he could once Samuel Giguère returns.


They can go to a 3-4, Rotate Shologan and Westerman and slot in Boulay as a 4th. LB.
They aren't getting any pressure anyway....This way they can demand more from the DT duo by cutting their reps down and can at least use a LB blitz on occasion.

And lets face it, we have no way of knowing if Ray Drew is an elite DT. We can hope, but at this point we really dont know.

The more I watch other CFL games, the more I see how inferior we are to the elite teams at certain position groups - d-line, receivers, o-line, RBs.

Just missing a couple other areas and that would be pretty much all facets of the team.

I think our cheerleaders can hold their own. :smiley:

But to be serious, the personnel issues started with Popp the Head Coach neglecting his GM duties the last couple of years. It will probably take another season of recruiting, free agency, drafting to improve matters. The unknown question is if Reed and Mack are the right guys to do it.

Thanks for the laugh re the Cheerleaders!

While you may be correct re Popp. I still did not like the fact that Reed let both Green and Woods go.
I am also not sold on having signed Durant for the contract he was given by Reed.
And I am not sold on Chaps being the HC.

The saving grace for the Als right now is how poorly the Cats have played. And that the d for the RB has been poor.