MONTREAL AT WINNIPEG- JEUDI, le 24 août 2023 à 20h30

The second half of the 2023 regular season begins with a tough game against the BLUE BOMBERS. Frankly, I don’t give too much chance to the ALOUETTES, despite the fact that anything can happen on the field.

I wonder if Cody Fajardo will start, although I think that they should wait on September 2,2023 against BC at home.

Fletcher sera t-il de l’alignement? La plupart se posent la même question. Ma prédiction: Oui et le receveur Davis sera exclus.

Bonne semaine à tous/ Good week to all.


Merci Richard, bonne semaine à toi et à tous.
Have a good week.

Go Als

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Yeah, I don’t expect a win, frankly. We’re on the road, traveling West, on a very short week (Saturday game followed by a Thursday game), facing one of the top teams in the league. And we don’t get our last bye week until the end of September.

I have higher expectations for the game against the Lions the following week, when we’ll have had a couple extra days to rest up ahead of a game at home.

Agree … short week and travel don’t bode well for success … no need to expose a semi-healthy QB to an less-than-fully prepared OL that was far from impressive last night (IMO).

IF they could swing it cap-wise I might be tempted to just leave Fjardo in Montreal and dress the new “kid” Udinski as the emergency option.

Davis certainly wasn’t overly impressed … I think that Fletcher could cover whatever loss might be felt by Davis’ absence to the passing game by both his running and receiving threats…

I don’t think the offensive line was bad yesterday. Ottawa has a very aggressive front seven, and because we fell behind so early, we couldn’t keep feeding Stanback the ball to stay balanced. The sacks were mostly Caleb holding the ball too long. You simply can’t ask an offensive lineman to hold a block more than 2-3 seconds at the pro level snap after snap.

Whatever chance they have might depend on whether Collaros plays … Dru Brown has been decent but he is not Collaros.

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It’s not for performance reasons, but if I’m Maas I might consider dressing Fletcher over Stanback for the WPG game, only because of the short week. Fletcher will be fresh and rested; Stanback, having played yesterday, will not.

We have to do the utmost to keep our guys healthy until we finally get to that blessed bye week at the end of September. What an insane schedule.

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I like Richard’s idea of sitting Davis and dressing Fletcher … assuming they have to dress McGloster again (his not having to dress would be an answer as well).

I could vibe with that. It might also result in Philpot getting more touches on deeper routes to help him find his form.

Les statistiques de la défensive de Winnipeg à la semaine 10 sont les suivantes:

3/9. Pour les points alloués par partie: 21.
5/9. Verges totales allouées au sol par partie: 100
9/9 Moyenne de verges allouées par course: 6.1
3/9 Verges totales allouées par la passe par partie: 234
1/9 Pour le pourcentage de passes alloués par partie: 60.5%
2/9: avec un total de 29 sacks.

La présence de W. Fletcher comme 3 demis, apporterait de la rapidité et de la flexibilité contre le blitz et contre le point « faible « selon les statistiques de la défensive de Winnipeg contre la course.

Quel sera le plan de match des Alouettes, dans cette « courte semaine » contre la défensive de Winnipeg.

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Definitely a compelling argument for running the ball more and (if possible) dressing both Stanback and Fletcher.

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How about a wishbone with Stanback, Fletcher and Antwi behind Evans?

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Selon les statistiques de la semaine 10, l’offensive de Winnipeg:

2/9 pour la moyenne de points par partie: 30.9
2/9 pour la moyenne de verges au sol par partie: 119
2/9 pour la moyenne par course: 5.3
1/9 pour la moyenne de verges par la passe: 300
2/9: pour la moyenne de verges par passe: 10.6
4/9: sur les sacs alloués: 20

Tout un défi pour N. Thorpe et son groupe d’entraîneurs de préparation contre une telle attaque, j’espère qu’il aura une alternance significative entre les défensives 4-3 et 3-4, avec de nouveaux blizts, mais dans une courte semaine, c’est plus difficile de préparation.

Go Als

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Ce sera un bon test pour les Alouettes. Les deux équipes auront une semaine courte. Peu de temps pour se remettre des blessures. Je commence à avoir hâte de voir Ellingson, si on est pour le voir en uniforme cette année. Les chances de gagner sont meilleures contre BC. Contre Toronto, il faudrait gagner au moins une des deux parties.

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Als’ week is 1.5-2 days shorter … played Saturday vs Friday and will lose most of a, if not an entire, day travelling (may get in some meetings).

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Oublie Ellingson. Il ne jouera pas 1 partie cette annee.


Je suis d’accord qu’Ekkingston ne jouera pas avec les Alouettes, cette saison. Sur l’équipe des blessés pour 6 parties.

Que pourrait-il apporter de plus?


Ellingson was a necessary signing in the offseason to offset fan panic at losing Lewis and Wieneke. But yeah, right now, we have zero use for him. Plenty of guys ahead of him on the depth chart. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him released before the early September “vets” deadline, assuming he’s healthy.

Unless there have been changes in the last Collective Agreement, veterans of six years or more released after game 9 have to receive 100% of their salaries. Agreed that Ellingson has not played, but games on injured list do count; reason why I wrote that he will remain on 6 game injury list for the 2023 season.

Veterans of 5 years released after game 10 have to receive their full salaries.

Veterans of 4 years released after game 11 have to receive their full salaries.

Veterans of less than 4 years released after game 14 have to receive their full salaries.


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Got it, Richard. I was misremembering the rule. I agree that Ellingson will basically spend the rest of the season on the 6-game. Though he could be released before game 10 this week?