Montreal at Winnipeg GT, Fri July 10, 7 pm et, TSN

Wendy’s Friday Night Football
Montreal Alouettes vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Fri 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

One has to be impressed with Rakeem Cato’s start as the Als QB in place of Jonathan Crompton so far. He will face the Bombers on the road in his second start. Drew Willy is off the deck and should play against Montreal. Winnipeg will look to rebound after the road grading they received by the Cats at home last week.

Oski Wee Wee,


Just back from Spruce Meadows on a very warm day in Calgary in time to watch some Friday Night Football. Going to cheer on last week's opponents instead of next week's. :smiley: I see that it's very warm in the 'Peg too but out west it is just heat and no humidity.

That was not a TD by Sutton. Even after a review they gave it to him. Jokes :roll:


I had no idea that by kicking the pylon with your foot and not crossing the ball over the plane of the goal line counts as a TD now!

Command Centre making up free TD's for everyone... last week the Bummers. this week the Als... maybe next week they go back to the West and then back to the East... The Cats will likely get their free TD Week 16

Nice blocked kick to end the half though. As much as I dislike the Bombers I hope they can win this one

Dunigan, what a joke

Yes no kidding, I think Dunigan is just added for the US broadcasts from TSN to ESPN with his twang southern style?

I have to agree with his call on the Montreal TD, no way that player was in the end zone unless the official control centre counts a foot crossing the goal line as a TD because the ball certainly did not.


I didn’t think it looked like a TD either and the second replay sure didn’t make it look like one! Bummer fans on the CFL forum were also questioning it - although I doubt they would have questioned the Brohm TD last week.

If that WASN'T Pass Interference, yet the play involving Davis last week WAS; then what the heck IS?

Great question… seeing as it was the offensive player who initiated the contact on the Davis play!

Dunigan makes the game better. Something wrong with you people.

Ah the age-old question! Thought the new rules were supposed to make it more clear for the refs. :wink:
I thought DPI could have been called there. Guess he wasn’t “impeding” the receiver in running his route! :roll:

We should have no trouble whatsoever destroying Montreal next week, based on how they played against Winnipeg tonight.

look what over confidence did to Calgary.

I agree, NO team should be taken lightly. ESPECIALLY in your own Division.

Football: :thdn: Dunigan is an embarrasment to the CFL.

you are in a very small minority.

Not sure what game you watched but their D played well and even though Cato was not spectacular they stiil had a chance to win

I’m not a fan of Dunigan. He talks a lot. Not that informative. Forde is better.