Montreal at Toronto-Sat. August 19,2017-16h

Due to injuries to some players,almost exclusively Nat. players, there will definitely be changes to the roster for the upcoming game; while we don't know,yet, the extent of the injuries, I nevertheless expect at least 4 players to be away for this game. The players that most likely will have to be replaced are:

Nat. G Philippe Gagnon. He could be replaced by Nat. OL Sean Jamieson, now on on the practice roster; another possibility is Int. OL Jeremy Lewis. Would have an impact on the ratio,but could be the best option.

Nat. WR Alex Pierzchalski. No one available on roster or practice roster to replace him,unless Nat. WR Samuel Giguère comes off the 6 game injured list-provided OK to play- I doubt that it will be a scenario chosen; also impact on SMS of no less than $22,000. Present free agents WR's could be an option. Kyle Graves,recently released by the Argos, and Stephen Adekolu, recently released by BC, come to mind. The Als could also look at a WR currently on other teams practice rosters.

Nat. DT Keith Shologan. Should be replaced by Nat. DE Jabar Westerman, now on 1 game injured list.

Nat. LB Frederic Plesius. No one available on roster or practice roster. A possibility could be Nat. LB Nehemie Kankolongo, 5'11,205 and 25; recently released by Winnipeg. Played 9 games with Sask. in 2015,13 with BC in 2016 and 2 with Win. in 2017.

Int. DB Greg Henderson has been on 6 game injured list for 6 games and is ready to play/to come back. I expect that he will be added to the roster and will play. Which Int. player will come off? Int. DB Jalen Rogers? Int. RB Brandon Rutley? In DL Ray Drew? Int. DB Tyree Hollins, if Injured?

While I definitely don't expect Ricky Ray to be ready to play for the Argos, I will not be surprised if Cody Fajardo is the starting QB next Saturday.

Next few days/week will be interesting.

Nice week to all.


Toronto Sun had said Alan-Michael Cash was to make his season debut on Friday, but he was one of the Argos scratches. He apparently had a series of infections after off-season surgery.

He was on the Argos sidelines and there was no way he was his listed 292 lbs. He looked more like a RB than a DT.

Why is Giguere still on the six game injured list ? He had to be put on there again by the team. What the hell is wrong with him to miss 12 games???

So far, Samuel Giguère has missed 7 games.-3 on 1 game injured and 4 on 6 game injured- If he remains on 6 till the end, he will have missed 9 games.


Thanks Richard. Anyone know what the injury is? He missed most of camp now months of the season.

Did Giguere not miss some time last season as well?

Samuel Giguère played 18 games with Hamilton in 2014, 18 with Montreal in 2015 and again 18 in 2016.Had not miss a game since 2013.

It's a hamstring injury. Also occurred while in NFL.


Thanks Richard.

Coaches must remove obvious problems- too many men on the field, don't always use up the middle near the opponents goal line, this has been a huge issue in recent games. Over the weekend I;ve seen successful TDs from off tackle,successful passes, end around etc. At 3 and 1 situations we've missed success by keeping up the middle plays which has broadcast to our opponents what play we will choose.Durant has been effective going long, problems happened in short passing game. Lets"win this one for Johnny"

Reading between the lines from this story, it doesn`t appear Ray will be cleared for Saturday.

One aspect the Als will have to be better at is stopping the run - Whitaker and Fajardo.

Yes,the Argos ran well against the Als,but,at the same time, their-Argos- passing yards were low. Before last game, the Als were first in yards given by the run, despite playing teams like BC,Calgary and Winnipeg who currently are second,third and fifth in yards gained by the run. Presently the Als are third in yards given/allowed by the run,i.e. 81 yards.

The Als don't miss Bear Woods; Dominique Tevell is doing quite well. With regards to Alan-Michael Cash, he would not have played more than Ray Drew, unless the Als had chosen to reduce 1 Int. WR.


Tovell is doing ok for a rookie. He's by no means been a dominant player but this is his first season so I would say that he's provided "value".

If the Als can pickup their first win on the road this weekend and Hamilton can beat Ottawa. Montreal will be in great shape starting their back nine.

Missing Woods I would say is a matter of opinion.

I would say that the Als' run defense would be better with Bear Woods. As for Cash, I don't think Kavis Reed would have attempted to go with 2 starting Nat. at DT if he was re-signed for 2017.
Also, losing Keith Shologan would hurt the Als, because even though he is simply ineffective in regard to QB pressure, he has contributed to Montreal's solid run defense.

As per Eric Leblanc, Giguere practicing with the starters and Jeremy Lewis is at LG as Richard told them to do.

Since Samuel Giguère is practicing with starters, it does mean that he came off the 6 game injured list; hence, a player on 6 game injured list cannot practice with the starters before he has been 5 games on that list; after 5 games on 6 game injured list, a player can practice with the starters. Giguère was on 6 game for 4 games.

Removal of Giguère from 6 game injured list will have an impact of $21,000 to $22,000 on SMS.-Salary Management System- The trading of Adams and replacing him with probably Shiltz will save more in remaining games.

It does make sense to add Int. OL Jeremy Lewis to offensive since, particularly with the return of Giguère. With this addition of an Int. player, I expect that Ray Drew won't play/dress; may even go to 1 game injured list.


Trading for Campbell and adding DB Michael Carter, could the Als be thinking of making the field corner a National position?

Agreed, but I tend to agree with Richard. I think at some, if not much of BW's success was Thorpe wanting to force Fajardo to beat them through the air.