Montreal at Riders

Any predictions, I pick the Riders, and I get to see old Mosiac one more time. Just hope it warms a bit!!

Come on Boys, for me Football in October and November in Saskatchewan is GREAT, Invigorating and exciting.
Just bring your flask, settle in and enjoy.......Cheering to keep warm is the TRICK! :cowboy:

Good football by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the fall, a 26-9 win over Alouettes.

Don't know if it my imagination, but why does it always seems ( at least most of the time) the Riders start every game behind in scores?? :cowboy:

Today wasn’t their day - Montreal wanted it more. I am concerned over the final play though. That on the replay was a clear head shot. There is ZERO excuse for not calling it. It’s dangerous - its dirty and can end a players career. I’m glad the rider is OK - but seriously… either head shots are OK or not.

Yes it was a dirty hit by Venerable. He leaves his feet and leads with his helmet and the ref right there totally ignores it.

Look at the replay and it is very clear. I don't understand what is the point of having a command center if it allows this kind of hit and not make a call. We keep hearing the league is trying to get rid of this garbage and yet they completely ignore the fact this was exactly the kind of dangerous hits that ends players careers. It should have been flagged and a 15 yard major at least and probably deserved an ejection too as it was deliberate.

Yeah the team didn't play well enough to deserve the win but if that was flagged we get one shot from inside the 15 yard line and who knows. Hope McKnight is all right.

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The CFL's head of officiating needs to answer for this one - This is so blatent - so dirty and well witnessed by the officials. There needs to be discipline to both the Al's player and on field officiating for this one.

In previous years the Riders were mainly built around a "High Flying" exciting offense, usually scoring first and ending with relatively high scoring games.
I'm sorry to say with Jones the team and game plan will always be centered around defensive approaches. Gone will be the days of an emphasis on high scoring offense........Boring....Yawn :cowboy:

You can have all the defense you want but if you can't score points ?
The best defense is a great offense because if they don't have the ball they can't score.
But you also need a defense to give the ball to the offense without the other team scoring,
That's why you need a balances team above average defense as well as offense ?

Well as stated above, I was at the game, wet, cold, and a lack luster filled game. We played bad, on the O and the D. DD had no protection for most of game, guess where the worst pressure came from, the left side.... gee I wonder who use to play there... was it not Fulton!! Nice going Corky.... now Doubles has swelling on his non throwing arm. Joe did little this time out, and he still can't block or hold onto the ball. The worse part was all the stupid penalties we took, to advance the ball for Montreal. Or put us farther back. I will say this their new QB can eluded players.. great footwork.

The rain never let up, and I have yet seen the Riders win a game, with me there, maybe I stay home from now on... 3 games, 3 losses. LOL... I will be surprised if we even come close to keeping the last 2 games close.

The hit on Joe on the last play of the game, was all the above, unnecessary roughness, spearing, and a helmet hit. The league needs to go after the player and the ref for this bad hit and bad call. It should of been a penalty, regardless and we should of had 1 last down, either we score or we don't, again we got screwed by a ref again at the end of a game..

all in all, it was not a great game on so many levels!! JMO

Yes it looked like a cheap shot, and yes the officiating can be pathetic, but the bigger question is, why didn't Jones challenge it? Clearly close enough to have another look :x

Is it even challengeable ?

They had no timeouts left, so therefor, no challenge allowed.

I also noticed just now, that DD had a Helmet hit on his TD, never got called

Pretty sure the Esks were one of the highest scoring Os in his time there. I believe that over 2 seasons that only the Stamps scored more. I believe they were also in the top 3 for “big plays” as well. So yeah…I will disagree with this.

I felt he brought some of that on himself. I am not a fan of it being called with you are in motion outside of the pocket...though the last play of the game 100% should have been a flag.

any word on McKnight? if he is still having any symptoms 72 hours after contact it must be a bad concussion. I am hoping the injury keeping him from practicing is not related to that last hit. Anyone in Regina know more?

He did some practice today (not full) should see tomorrow. Saying he is probable. Guessing it was a mild stress test on him today

The Al posters here are adamant that the hit was on his chest ..... have the Riders confirmed it is concussion related? If it is - it would be medical history as the first concussion from a chest hit. :roll:

I hope he is ok though. He is the best of the running backs we have had since messam was traded.

Funny now the league fines Veneble 1000k for the hit.

For this being the second time Veneble has been nailed on this same kind of hit this year he should have also gotten a suspension. Earlier in the season he got tagged for a hit to Jennings again using the helmet first.

For all the league's chest pounding about trying to eliminate these kind of dangerous hits here they have the perfect opportunity to step up and back their words, instead they pussy out. Big surprise.