Montreal at Ottawa

How do the ticket sales look?

Entertaining game 6 minutes in...

WOW - extremely entertaining!!!

And could TSN actually be reading the various football sites and blogs - Black Plague is NOT on-air tonite - Gord Miller making his 2016 debut (or someone who sounds like Miller)

However, shouldn't get our hopes up. Black is probably all soused up tonite, had a massive breakout in facial acne or is attending a figure skating sniff-me camp!

Burris's pre game speech to his team seem awkward and forced. Does not seem natural at all.

Yes, where has he been?

Too busy patting himself on the back (joke).


Ottawa starting to take control!

I spoke too soon. :thdn:

Hank is in FULL STANK mode tonite!

Guess with Black Plague missing - someone's gotta be awful!

Sadly, yes. We should only be 1 TD down but...

Burris does not look like he is in control.

To Montreal's credit, their D is playing VERY aggressive.

Mattster and Redd Foxx Stegall will be too classy to pile on Stank!

Meanwhile La Field Mouse, Kevin Glenn isn't much better - but he's better!

Looks like Ottawa hasn't fully awakened from their bye week "nap"!

Hank I know that Chris Williams is short but throwing the ball at his shoe laces didn't work the last time now - did it?? :lol: :lol:

Wonder if Campbell is wishing he'd dressed Harris who apparently has recovered enough to have at least been in in uniform on the sidelines?

Oh yes and Hank was yelling at the D about getting 2 and outs in that pre-game speech but seems to be having more trouble staying on the field than the "terrible" larks! :smiley: Crowd at TD Place is rather quiet right now.

Jim Popp giving that young Pup Campbell a lesson!

Did not see this coming.


That looked like OPI to me.

Rick "Porky" Campbell looks like he's on the Jeff Blair diet! :cowboy:

And managing to avoid penalties!!! :o :o :o
Meanwhile Carter has just stung them for another TD and Campbell tosses a challenge flag for OPI in desperation :roll:

Kevin - has Boris '& Natasha' Bede been cut by the Als?

That would mean that receivers can’t block downfield when they’re aren’t the target of the pass. That was obviously seen as a legal block by Giguere (I think)

OTTRBs got lucky on that bounce for the TD. Could just as easily been picked off by a white shirt. Of course then the DPI would have come into play. And yes Jock - the DB blocking the receiver's vision with hands up while not looking back to the ball IS considered DPI - unless I misunderstood your meaning? - or the play that you're referencing?

Huh? I don't understand.

Was that the first Hail Mary to be completed for a TD this season? I can't remember another one - but my memory is bad.