MONTREAL AT OTTAWA- SAMEDI, le 19 août 2023 à 19:00 heures

Neuvième partie de la saison 2023 pour les Alouettes. Autre partie importante, particulièrement contre une équipe de la division EST. Une victoire-souhaitée -et les Alouettes seront 6-3. Malgré un record de 3-6, les REDBLACKS seront difficiles à vaincre.

I could be wrong, but injured players Lindley, Sewell and Stanback should all return.

If Lindley returns, Copeland will be out.

If Sewell returns, Antwine or Valdez will be out.

If Stanback returns, who will be out? If Stanback returns and Fletcher remains on active roster, who will come out? WR Davis? or KR Worthy? or A DL? I presume that it will be Davis or a DL. My option: WR Davis.

With regards to Cody Fajardo, if he’s not 100% healthy I expect Evans to be the starter.

We may have to wait until Friday for final answers to our questions.

Happy week to all of you. Bonne semaine à vous tous.



Ottawa really put up a good fight against Toronto. Crum surprised me as a passer, so it will be interesting to contain him in the pocket and try to rattle him with pressure. Mtl also had lots of problems with Ottawa’s front seven last time we met, but hopefully we have now figured that out, as our sack totals are going down.
I totally think we can sacrifice a WR to get Fletcher in the lineup. As a scatback, he can be a glorified receiver. In all of our games, we aren’t really using 5 receivers anyhow. I guess the one concern there is that with Snead and Fletcher in, Davis out(?), then we are fast but small.

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Après Ottawa, on affronte Winnipeg, les Lions et les Argonauts deux fois. On doit absolument gagner samedi puisqu’après on risque de s’enligner vers une autre série de défaites.


On ne pourra perdre toutes ces parties Lucas. Notre équipe a suffisamment de talent pour en gagner au moins 2. De plus, les blessés commencent à revenir.


Je suis pessimiste de nature c’est vrai, mais quand même

Fajardo should have started last game against Riders,he would have had a huge game,the positives would have outweighed any risks. Be very disappointing if he sits out another game. Fletcher and Stanback both,yep

Is there no serious Als forum,I did some searching but didnt come across any

Um, you’re in the Als forum right now, and it’s one of the most active team forums on the site. Second only to Hamilton, I think.


Mack, Philpot, Cibasu, and Mayala aren’t small by any means. And we can control formation and who comes in, given that Snead and Fletcher are both Americans.


Looking at today’s roster, I see that A WR Ronnie Blackmon has been released from the practice roster to make room for A QB Reece Udenski.

In another move, I see that N WR Jake Harty has been transferred from the active roster to the practice roster.

Presently, this last move tells me that A WR Davis will remain on the active roster and, if Lindley is 100 % healthy, the Alouettes will dress 3 N DBs, meaning that an A DB -Raheem Wilson ?- will come off the active roster in order to keep Walter Fletcher on the active roster.


This is intriguing. I’d be fine with dressing 3 national DBs if it means Fletcher and Stanback can both dress.

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Als have quite a series of games in the next several weeks. Ottawa, Win, BC, Tor, Tor. 3 wins would be great.
If we can get through this “storm” it should be smooth sailing thereafter.

Um,was speaking of a forum along the lines of i dont find the forums very good,not very welcoming,bias moderators etc, not very friendly,just my experience over many years actually ,sorry just my opinion

État de santé pratique du 15/08: re: CFL

W. Stanback. Full
A. Sewell. Full
C. Fajardo. Limited
K. Matte. DNP
R. Stubblefield. DNP
M. Valdez. DNP
B. Gowanlock. Full

A few questions.

Kristian Matte did not practice. Will A OL James McGloster be added to active roster.

N DE Brock Gowanlock came off the 6 game injury list. Antwine and Valdez -DNP- should come off the active roster.

Will Fletcher play? Hope so, but difficult if McGloster plays.


With the upcoming games against Bombers, Lions and Argos, Fajardo should not be playing IMO.


They will test him before the game like last week. From his interview he said a bigger concern than a direct hit is absorbing shock on the shoulder when he hits the turf. And apparently that’s what they test him on.

Assuming Matte can’t play, here are the moves that could happen with American players and Fletcher remaining on active roster:

IN: McGlosher OL, Sewell DT and Stanback RB.

OUT : Antwine DT to practice roster, Stubblefield DB to 1 game injury list and Valdez DL to 1 game injury list.

The moves with National players could be:

IN: Gowanlock DE and Lindley S

OUT: Matte to 1 game injury list and Harty WR to practice roster.-already on-

Should Lindley remain injured, then Harty will come back to active roster.


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According to Herb and coach Maas, nothing serious with Matte; if so and he plays, McGlosher will remain on practice roster and Antwine could remain on active roster or a DB added if Stubblefield injured.


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I agree, but not all will.