Montreal at Ottawa-July,19 2017

Herb confirming what Richard wrote about Unamba who I thought did a very good job. Obviously means Mincy will be dressing.

Herb Zurkowsky? @HerbZurkowsky1 51s51 seconds ago

#AlsMTL have released CB Donald Unamba

Herb Zurkowsky? @HerbZurkowsky1 47m47 minutes ago

It appears boundary CB Jonathon Mincy will return to the #AlsMTL starting roster vs. @REDBLACKS after missing two games with a concussion.

Other moves made:

Nat.WR Malcolm Carter removed from practice roster.
Nat. DT Fabion Foote transferred from 1 game injured list to practice roster.


Nat. WR Malcolm Carter added to retired list.


Probably returning to school.

Im looking forward to the day when we can go into an Als game feeling fully confident of a victory. These days its mainly wishing, hoping and praying.

The Redblacks have a potent offense that we will have to somewhat hold in check. However they have given up a lot of points defensively and we have to take advantage.

I just dont want to see the Als defeat themselves with untimely penalties or interceptions. Lets put up a good fight and let the chips fall where they may.

I agree with you,Sheldon, no matter which team the Als play, we are never "fully confident" that they will win. It will be tough tonight. The Als will have to win the possession time, play almost error free and reduce their penalties. I foresee that we will be on the edge all night long.-reminds me of a song-

I know that it is a broken record from me, but the Als main weakness is the defensive line,particularly the Nat. DT's; if no pressure on Harris he will have fun all night and complete long passes.


Richard Im kind of thinking you may get your wish with Drew. Why would they add him to the roster if they didnt have some plan in mind? He could easily replace Rogers or McLennan on the game day roster, but the challenge is how to get him on the field and still have the required 3 Nationals on defense.

Perhaps by taking out on certain packages an International DB and replacing with Wright or Termansen.

I guess I was wrong. Herb saying Drew has been scratched along with Sutton.

Before the decision I will say STUPID CHALLENGE

This game is hopefully put-up or pack-up time for Rutley.
Although Sutton has been much more productive the last couple of years there might have been some doubt that the issue was that BR was more dependent on the O-Line because he is less of a power back. Should be no issues tonight. O-Line is better than the last couple of years, both teams are on a short week and it is stinking hot today in Ottawa (33 C Humidex at the moment) which should favour the O-lines as the game goes on.

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My turn to weigh in on this crap. Durant is garbage underwood needs to either sit down and read the playbook or stay in ottawa, and why are there referees in the cfl anymore? Let them play without referees and throw and flag when u feel like there is a penalty? Save money that way! Wonder why nobody wants to go to a game? 730 game finishes at 11pm!!!

On the return the player farted, the call has been overturned

Logan has gotta go

There has to be a more cap-friendly player SOMEWHERE who could do no worse and hopefully better.

Any other washed up qb we can go and trade for to try and save this franchise?

Jesus murphy, theres no bum outta college that can catch a ball and run with it?

2 overturned calls lol, if im these referees i quit. Why am i here i say..

Als longstanding lack of success on reviews (by Als or opponents) continues.
It was likely the right call, but not one that was obvious.
Still feel the review crew should have 35-45 seconds from the time the flag is thrownas you can't tell me that Toronto wasn't looking at replays the whole time Campbell had the chat with the ref to explain what he was challenging.

Playing Cox man-on-man against receivers cost the TD ...... waste of an otherwise decent half by the D ... would call it "strong" but the CommunistAfricanAmericans shot themselves in the foot as often as the Als made key plays.