Montreal at Ottawa-July,19 2017

Another important game next Wednesday in Ottawa. Fifth game of the season-time flies- and the Als will play a team within their division for the first time in 2017. Having a record of 0-3-1, the game will be quite important for Ottawa and they will do the outmost to win.

While I expect the Als to win, the keys for a win, at least to me, are: Time of possession, pressure on Trevor Harris and reduction of "bad" penalties. After 4 weeks, the REDBLACKS are averaging 423 yards a game-second best- and Trevor Harris has thrown 8 TD's; Greg Ellingston and Brad Sinopoli are his main passing targets; defensively they have given an average of 413 yards a game-seventh- but they are still tough.

I wonder if Jacques will proceed with a few lineup changes for that game; while he has mentioned,earlier in the season and this week, a rotation between Tyrell Sutton and Brandon Rutley I wonder if he will move ahead and sit Tyrell and insert Brandon; yes, a rest would be welcomed for Tyrell but it becomes difficult to sit your and the CFL leading rusher. I would continue with Tyrell.

The defensive line,particularly the DT's, have been a week link since the beginning of the season but given the ratio it is difficult to replace a Nat. DT by an Int. DT. As for the DE's, Gabriel Knapton is not having a great season so far; only 6 defensive tackles and 1 quarterback sack after 4 games. Not great!

Not much time to prepare but worse for the REDBLACKS,since they played in Edmonton last night.


Having a National as a legit leading receiver is an amazing advantage.

The logic is sound, but TS is leading the league and would have 8 days until they play the Bombers and then the bye week, so maybe they ride the bull

Sadly, not much roster depth, including 1-game and practice squad, anywhere on the DL

Ridiculous turn-around time, but the Als do get a slight advantage as the Communist-AfricanAmericans had both a longer flight (commercial if what a host on TSN1200 said is true ????) and a time change, versus the bus/train ride to Ottawa

Keep Sutton in. The bye is just around the corner. He can rest then.
My 2 cents anyway.

I predict a loss. I figure that it worked for the game against the Stamps. You had them winning and I had them losing. Rolling with it again. :wink:

The Als have released Int. DB Ryan Phillipps. along with practice roster player DB Greenwood and RB Jones. No surprise regarding Phillips,particularly since he was a healthy scratch Friday. Is Raymon Taylor OK to return? If not, which player will be added to active roster? We shall see in the next days.


Another player that could be ready to return is DB Jonathon Mincy; yes, he's on 6 game injured list but no problem if he's ready to go.


I'm really looking forward to these division matchups. Last few years the Als haven't been competitive with their division rivals and was the main reason why they could not make the post season. This is a bit of a statement game in that respect. Here they have an opportunity to Stick it to Ottawa real good and would put the Als and the Argos in a commanding lead over the two Ontario teams at least till week 8 or 9 with a 3 game cushion on both.

Als have the best Defense overall, Oline and special teams in the East. I think Toronto has the better Defensive line but once the Als secondary gets Healthy again Thorpe will be able to blitz more.

To make the post season the Als need to have the better of at least two of the Ontario teams or better than .500 record against all 3.

Reality all they need to do is stop taking idiotic penalties and Durant needs to play better. If they managed that, they might even win the division.

I wonder if a QB-Antonio Pipkin or Matthew Shiltz- will be added to the practice roster; the Als cannot keep 3 QB's on 1 game injured list.

Another player that I would not be surprised if he is released is Nat. DT Don Oramasionwu; after 4 games he has no tackle; they can't afford a high paid player that is not contributing; I would add Nat. DT Fabion Foote, now on 1 game injured list. He can't be worse than Don Oram...... and is earning quite less.


Only issue is that the games he missed would now count against the cap.

Agreed, assuming he isn't actually injured

Practice Roster, National DL players that COULD be poached (not differentiating between DE/DT/DLs):

Reuben Frank & Mike Rose - Calgary
Mike Moore - Edmonton
D.J. Pettway - Saskatchewan
Padric Scott - Winnipeg
Jason Neill - Hamilton
Evan Foster - Toronto

Anyone know any of these guys??

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Defensive-back Jonathon Mincy, who has been on the six-game injured list with a concussion, was on the field Sunday, but is unlikely to play Wednesday, when the Als travel to Ottawa. And GM Kavis Reed maintained Raymon Taylor, who has been on the disabled list all season, is expected back shortly.

With the Als getting healthier in the secondary, Phillips was a victim of the number’s game, according to Reed. Although the GM denied this was a salary dump, Phillips did receive a nominal signing bonus last February.

In other news, tailback Brandon Rutley, as expected, will start for the first time this season against the Redblacks. Chapdelaine was going to make the move regardless, based on the short week, but it became academic when Tyrell Sutton suffered a calf contusion against Calgary.

I suspect the Als will just cut a QB sometime soon with the end of the Bye Week being the very latest. Team just looks indecisive when they carry so many QB's in the regular season. We are not talking 6 Hall of Famers here.

As per yesterday's CFL transactions, Int. DB Jonathan Mincy was removed from 6 game injured list-was on for 2 games- and added to active roster.

Dollar impact on cap ranges between $6,600. and $7,000.


Herb Zurkowsky? @HerbZurkowsky1 23m23 minutes ago
Jonathon Mincy was on the field yesterday. Today, he's practicing with the starters. #AlsMTL

And we certainly have to give credit to Thorpe and Billy Parker for the secondary being able to hold its own despite missing 3 starters - Mincy, Taylor, Henderson.

If Jonathan Mincy plays, I presume that Int. DB Jalen Rodgers will be one of the healthy scratch.


Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 1h1 hour ago

Chapdelaine says odds of Jonathon Mincy (concussion) playing on Wednesday night are "50/50" right now #Alouettes

With that quote from Chaps, why would the Als and or Mincy even take th risk of playing this Wednesday.
Sure it would be a big addition, but another week might be what the doctor orders.

Unless they are just playing "mind games" with the Coommunist-AfricanAmericans



-On offense, the Als are tied for 1st in yards per play (7.1) and yards per 1st down play (7.0). Unfortunately, they also average the fewest number of plays per game.

-Team runs the most in the CFL (40%) and tops the league in rushing yards per game, attempts, yards per rush, and most 20+ yard rushes.

-Considering how often the team runs, it should be no surprise the Als are last in passing yards per game and pass attempts per game.

-On defense, the Als are last in plays per game, rushing attempts per game, and passing attempts per game, completions per game, and 1st downs per game.

-While the team is 1st in points allowed per game, they are close to a 3-way tie for offensive points allowed per game.

-In the CFL this year there have been zero offensive touchdowns when a sack happens during a drive. That stat benefits the offense as they have given up the fewest sacks (2). On the other hand, they are still last in sacks made (3).

-Als are the most penalized team averaging 11. Those penalties have cost the team a league high 104 yards per game.

TSN 690 reporting that Rutley is in. Sutton out with contusion on calf.

As per the Als Position Chasrt, available on REDBLACKS site, some moves were made by the Als:

Int. DB Don Unamba is shown nowhere; has probably been released. This move confirms that Int. DB Jonathan Mincy will start.

Int. DT Ray Drew has been added to active roster from 1 game injured list. Will most probably be a healthy scratch tomorrow,unless it’s Jalen Rodgers. The other healthy scratch will be Int. RB Tyrell Sutton.

Int. QB’s Antonio Pipkin and Matthew Shiltz have been released/moved from 1 game injured list and added to practice roster.

On the 1 game injured list only Int. QB Drew Willy remains.