Montreal at Ottawa GT, Fri. August 7, 7 pm et, TSN

Wendy's Friday Night Football
Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks
Fri 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Big game on Friday night as Montreal and Ottawa hook up again. We shall see how Michael Sam does in his first game back with the Als as this East showdown unfolds.

Oski Wee Wee,


Should be a good game, interesting to see Sam for the first time. For Ottawa, Chris Williams out and Chevon Walker back from injury.

I get the Sam is in the lineup thing, but really, if he wasn’t a blatant Homosexual nobody would care.
He is getting special treatment because of his sexual preference, he misses most of training camp because he is breaking up with his boyfriend, :? C’mon, I can see it now, “Hey Coach I’m gonna have to leave camp because I am having trouble with my boyfriend, but I will be ready by Week 6 if you need me”, now he is welcomed back and it is front page news.
I have never seen him play, so I have no idea of his talent, but IMHO, the real reason he is front page news is not because of his on field talent.
I like the matchup of the Als at the RB’s, it should be a great game

He was only a 7th rounder in the NFL draft. When he was in the Als camp, the story goes that he wasn't performing that well and was found to be not that athletic.

With that history, Sam may not fare well.

All I have to say is GOD help us all if Sam does play and Rod Black is up in the booth :cry: Good old Rod will be yapping about Sam I Am.........ALL GAME LONG !!!!!!! :roll: :twisted: If you didn't know by now that Sam is GAY not to worry Black will be reminding everybody of it every other play in between his moronic Cato and the Green Hornet comments on you know who :roll:

Any bets on whether TSN will have a Sam-Cam focused exclusively on our new friend all night long, so that we can see replays of his every move?

I could think of a few interesting drinking games for this broadcast. e.g. "Take a drink every time Sam is not a factor in the play but the announcers mention him anyway."

im going to go out on a limb here and say this will be a barn burner. one of them may even score more than 20 points :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the over/under? 6.5 times?

Those RedBlack uniforms are hideous :twisted:

Hey at least their their silly uniforms and name have more people talking about the CFL! :smiley:

Good hank converts their first trip to the score zone!

7-0 BlackREDS after the Milo

That was a nice play for the TD, capping off a good looking drive.

Well apparently Sam is playing and ..... you guessed it .... Rod Black with his side kick Duane Ford is calling the game :roll:

@Grover - I agree - WAY too much hype about this guy just because of the name he made for himself before the NFL draft. Proved NOTHING but was gifted with NOT a PR spot but a ROSTER spot!!!

When is Rakeem Catos induction ceremony into the CFL HOF?

According to Duane Forde, hes a "Legendary QB!"


I remember liking most of what I saw of Rutley when he was with the Ticats. Anyone remember why we cut him?

Boy that was an ugly kick by Bede? :?

7-1 YOW

Well it's plaid night don't you know! :lol:

Nice stop by the OTTRBs D and Bede misses the FG! 7-0 for the red guys! :smiley:

Well we just got through the Cato love fest now we are going to get the Sam love fest along with a complete history!! :roll:
Do you suppose Popp is paying these guys off? :lol:

That would have been a nice catch if Price had managed to snag it - and we can see why Calgary decided they could live without him!

After four plays so far, Sam has used one move, the bull rush. And so far, no success. We'll see if he changes it up at all next drive.

I actually don't remember that he ever was with the team - but then I don't remember everything! :smiley: Wonder if it was a numbers thing rather than performance or there is also the possibility that he has improved since he was here.

You think he knows anything else - not that I would know the difference (full disclosure here!)