Another crucial game coming. Yes, Hamilton does not have their top 2 QBs but they still have a very good top defensive 7 and their offensive line is better with returns of some injured OL.

On devrait connaître l’état de santé de Murray, Ruffin et Williams dans les prochains jours. Espérons que ce n’est pas trop sérieux. Le demi-défensif Raheem Wilson, présentement sur la liste des blessés de 6 parties, pourrait revenir au jeu.

Bonne semaine à tous.


BLM is out due to injury and I believe Shiltz is also. I wonder who will start at QB for Hamilton?

It will probably be our rookie guy Taylor Powell . Both BLM and Shiltz are on the 6 gm . The two other QBs will be Locksley and (holding my nose) ugh ! Pipken :flushed: :flushed:


Et peut-être également le retour de N. Lyon dc., qui est également sur la liste des blessés pour 6 parties et qui a pratiqué la semaine dernière.

Nous connaîtrons dans les prochains jours, l’état des blessés de la dernière partie et quels joueurs sur la liste des blessés pour 6 parties, seront en santé pour revenir au jeu le 5/08.

Go Als, une 2ieme victoire de suite……et une fiche plus de .500.

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This is tough. HAM is without BLM and Shiltz, but they’re playing at home and we’re on a short week. I’m leaning toward MTL at the moment. I may change my mind after a few days of injury reports.

If LB Avery Williams in injured, I wonder “how” they would fill the “open Spot” on the roster, since there are no LBs on injured lists or practice roster. Will a DL be added or RB Fletcher or A receiver?

N DL Brock Gowanlock is due coming the 6 game injury list. He could be added and a N WR out.-Mayala was injured at end of the game. If A N WR out and A WR will come in.

Many scenarios but no answers yet.


IF they feel the solution is not internal, are there any quality LBs/MLBs on other practice squads?

If healthy I would like to see Greg Ellingson dressed, even if it means bumping Tyler Snead.

From what I saw during the camp, I’m in no hurry to see dress him.


As soon as Ellingson is healthy, I’d release him. We have more than enough receiver depth. He’s just veteran salary without veteran production at this point.

Give him a chance to catch on with another team.


I’ve always been a fan, I feel he can add veteran experience to the receiving group. We shall see what the team feels.

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I do agree that a veteran presence could help and he could still be helpful for to get 1st down since he knows how to position himself but the speed and elusiveness are not there anymore from what I saw

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Snead is a tough little SOB … and CHEAP

They need to create some cap flexibility in case it is needed later in the season … it seems they wasted a few thousand bring back Philpott early for what now seems to be no reason.

He did some tough blocking yesterday.


I agree. We’ve got Snead showing things, Quartney Davis on the PR, Abrams when he’s healthy, and Reggie White down the line. Ellingson has become surplus to requirements, unfortunately.

Thanks Bobo. Pipken LMAO!

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Je crois que G. Ellingson sera remis sur la liste des blessés pour 6 parties, la semaine dernière, il n’a pas pratiqué et il pouvait le faire.

S’il est prêt de revenir prochainement, il serait placé sur la liste des blessés pour une partie.

A suivre, lors des prochaines pratiques cette semaine.

S’il n’est pas encore rétabli ça c’est autre chose. Dommage, parce que même si son salaire ne compte pas sur le cap de la ligue, ça compte sur le cap de M. Péladeau. :woozy_face:

Tu as raison, ce sera une décision entre le DG et le président que ce soit 1 match ou 6 matchs, c’est toujours le propriétaire qui paye.

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