Montreal at Hamilton Play-By-Play Thread

Again. That one was wind. Up higher it's really blowing.Waiting to change ends.

The wind is only going to get more erratic and swirling as we move into fall/winter

That could explain why we lined up on-side on the fumbled punt

Agree. Just noting that is is really having an effect in the stadium.

Looks like they're starting to show some "wheels".

And getting some help from the larks who like taking penalties! Not going to complain about getting some free yards here. :grinning:

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Acklin playing DB there...

Wind has picked up again.

Great to see Addison back on the field

AH come on OL!!! Another FG attempt but at least this one goes through.

Addison playing well. I’m sure masoli is playing hurt.

I thought starting Masoli would open up the playbook a bit?

When do we play WPG ?

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We did and we don't - barring a GC match up!

Wind is definitely a factor judging by the punt that Whitford just let sail. Pretty nice coffin corner. They are pinned deep this time. Have to see if they can flip the field. GO D!

VAJ really iffy on his ankle. Can't plant well

The last play hit Addison in the hands but it wasn’t an easy catch..masoli hit Acklin in hands in end zone but was well defended also.

Could someone move the damn sound dish in a different direction... That noise maker haha :joy:

OUCH - So much for flipping the field!
Schiltz looks better than any of them on this drive.

What was that? The ball was passed more than 6 yards.

You can do that in football?

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Honeymoon over for schlit. He just gets the one pass

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

At least they kept them to a FG